🦸‍♂️ Budatín - 3* Dark / Purple from Sanctuary of Gargoyles

I guess this hero and Vlad can form a club of really awful 3*. maybe Morris and Prisca can join too… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unfortunately, he’s not even good for that scenario. He only affects mana gained from the tiles, not attack power.

As a newer player, I would have loved Budatín.

These days, I generally only go mono or 4/1 against titans. But back then, I only had enough good troops for maybe two flags in wars. For the rest, I’d gather up a mono gaggle of 3* and hope to take out tank positions to help the rest of my team. A mana generator (especially with a little gargoyle tankiness) would have been awesome.

Granted, if I got him now I’d just feed him to a better hero.

Very simple, just give him +10% mana to all allies, like a 3* baby xnolphod. That was what xnolphod was originally in beta anyways
And with a 3 hit stoneskin passive, that will be a game changer


Should one of the options be “Food” for the question “How do you think ‘X’ will be best used?”? :joy:

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I eat all the 3* this event gave me, I’d rather get a trainer than the event 3* :rofl:

The tile can have only 1 effect. So, he can overwrite the attack down on tile from yellow mystic titan. However, that is the only where he can be useful.

And An-Windr :smile:

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And they’re all Purple too! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I came here to ask if someone had found any use for this guy. Seems like no, nobody did.

And that waste of space was the only one I pulled. Ffs

Both rares from this event are bad but this one is just useless. This event hero power distribution is crazy.

1 absurdly overpowered Epic, while other ok but nothing special about.

The legendaries are most in the edge of being overpowered. Lot of them are Nuke all heroes. Gaillard hits almost 2x as Lianna.

Then the rares both are season 1 level heroes.
Feel like whoever made their designs got their salary delayed for 4 months.:-1:t3:

Yes the only way to get something out is to put him with proteus and kagerabudo and still he sucks becose he should start with 100% mana Via he’s only 3 star he dies so complety broken