BT only boosts guys to the right of him?

It’s happened to me now recently on two different occasions when playing maps that BT only seems to boost the guys to his right. I didn’t see the numbers appear over the guys to the left either (you know, the +attack/health in green). Hasn’t happened in raids or wars yet.

Looks like this:

Anyone else noticed it?

Is that a fog or poison stage by chance? I can’t remember offhand but one of them messes with your specials…

Yeah no it wasn’t, 5/5 on hard, not a special stage. Yup those mist and midnight stages do mess with the specials but more like “less damage” or “effect only for one turn” etc.

Never seen anything like this before actually. Just happened again :/.

That IS weird. Have you submitted a support ticket? If not this looks like a good one to submit. I’d be upset with a half working hero.

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Yeah I clicked the “report a bug” option in the in game support and it brought me here :). Is there any other way of doing it?

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Cheers mate!

20 boldtusks

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Have you clicked on the heroes showing no buff to see if a buff is still being included in their maths? It might just be a visual bug.


No didn’t think of that, will do if it happens again, thanks!

The numbers didn’t show though as they usually do… I had just used Kunchen so there was no healing to be done - could’ve explained it, but the guys that got the boost symbol also had numbers showing. Weird.

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I always run him leftmost farming so I can auto farm easier. I’ll move him to center and see if I can replicate.

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No luck. Mine fully boosts the team.


Proteus constantly doesn’t put symbols on the heroes he’s affecting but his ability still works. I think it’s just a visual bug.


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