BT and Wilbur buff combination

Is there a better or more efficient combination of skills than the combination between BT and Wilbur?

+48 attack + healing
+63 defense
-44 enemy defense
Shared damage both sides

Kiril adds +30 attack but defense overwrites to +30
Falcon adds - 54 defense against fire to 3

Zimkitha adds +25 attack and a little element healing. The cleanse is nice but I’m planning to bring rigard as my second healer.

Are there any additional buffs I can add to above that would be more amplified without overwriteing?

Wu is wu… Not considering his gamble for raids atm.

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For raids I am not a huge fan of the combo but it may work for many others. Both Wilbur and boldtusk have a very weak attack which I don’t like for offensive raids. Neither one hits which I also don’t like for raids. For titans they work well together but I still hate running them as titans for me are mostly about tile damage and with their weak attack they themselves don’t do much for tile damage and unless their buffs are active will end up doing very little damage.

Boldtusk, Wilbur, falcon, Scarlett and Marjana for raids or Wu kong for titans. That’s how I like to use BT and Wilbur.

Tarlak adds +100% attack that stacks with other attack + buffs up to 160% total.

I use BT, Wilbur, Falcon and Azlar. Most powerful combo I’ve found with reds.

I use Ares in place of BT… but with Wilbs and Wu. Damage is insane.

Edit: to round out the Red death squad it’s Falcon and either Zimkitha (with healing pots for Titans) or Rigard (For raids).

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Did a few raids using the below… BT is only tier 1.

Lost my first raid to 3500tp, afterwards won my other 4 raids vs 3600-3800tp.

More tricky finding red purple tiles as well as Wilbur falcon being avg speed so I’m sometimes having marjana wait to fire.

I think I need to ascend falcon to tier 4.


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