Brynhild vs Kashhrek or wait

Daughter’s account is F2P. She has enough ascension materials for another green 4*, but this is the last fine gloves until Farholme or RNG favor.

What she has leveled (max):
Rigard, Sabina
Li Xiu
Scarlett, Colen

Brynhild, Kashhrek, and Skittles are all 3/60.
Boldtusk is at 3/1.
And Kelile and dupes of Caedmon, Colen, and Scarlett at 1/1.

Yes, NO BLUE. It’s absurd. And 17 freaking capes.

So what would you do? I’m favoring Brynhild, but BT is also great, and the blue drought has to end eventually…

Brynhild completes the second 4* green… BT makes a third red.

Either would be useful both short and long term.

Forget Kashhrek - once you’re beyond 4 * tanks, you almost never use him again and he’s very little use beyond defence… And BT, LiX and Brynhild will tank near enough as well as makes no practical difference.


That’s my thought on Kashhrek too. Frankly, Brynhild seems like an upgraded Kash in many ways.


That cape situation sounds familiar, I was running a bunch of rare blues for the longest time and kept getting capes. A little better now, but it took some time.

If you are going to ascend a green, I’d make it Brynhild. She has more going for her than Kashhrek. I’ve got a decent roster, and got Kashhrek somewhat recently, but unless I get his costume, he is going to sit in the back of the line for a while. Right now I’m leveling Brynhild.

Definitly Brynhild! I have kashrek maxed and he will be dropped at somepoint without any use at all. Brynhild has some of the best defensive buffs of the game.

Especially that status effects cannot be dispelled is huge. She is faster then Kashrek aswell.

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I always used to read people saying this about Kashhrek but kind of thought “no way, he is so annoying and useful” but I am now the same. I honestly only use Kashhrek when I am doing War and need an extra Green to stack.

I find Brynhild dies easy but she is more useful than Kashhrek so I would do her for a green


I love using brynhild so much I’m leveling a second while Kaskrek stays unleveled. So useful!


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