Brynhild mana regeneration not working

This may be an error on my part as to knowing how this effect works, but I’m not seeing any regeneration of mana when using her skill. Is it contingent on matching tiles or outright gives you a % of mana after a turn?

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Brynhild’s Special Skill includes this line:

That means that any Mana Generation is increased by 24% — but there has to be something to increase.

So yes, you’d need to match tiles, or have another effect that generated mana, in order to see an increase.

That effect doesn’t itself generate mana.


Just quickly to extend on @Zephyr1’s point, there are two different status effects for Mana:

  • Mana Generation
  • Mana REgeneration

The first one (Generation) adjusts the QUANTITY of mana that you normally get via actions (i.e. matching tiles, Inari Minions & some other special skills)

The second one (Regeneration) appears only on 1 heroes card; that of Alberich. Regeneration is passive & contributes a quantity (small, moderate, large etc…) of mana into the heroes bar PASSIVELY (i.e. doesn’t need you to do anything).

Side note, one of the Season 3 runic rocks also has the “Mana Regeneration” effect (the yellow rocks).


Would mana REgeneration apply to a defensive team in raid battle, assuming it is NOT hit by a tile, but gets a % amount for each turn?

Defence teams do get a passive “Regeneration” each turn.

This is to compensate for the defence team not having a board full of tiles to throw & generate mana for them.

Exactly what percentage/ amount that is I am unsure; don’t think anyone has really done a massive analysis on it.

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