Brynhild mana bug

I have been using Brynhild a lot lately and have noticed the the 2 heroes next to her do not receive the +24% mana generation.
No matter what game played.

I have attached the screen shots to show the lack of mana generation.
The heroes status effects shows that they should be receiving the mana, however no generation occurred.

But it seems you only used Brynhild’s special at the second screenshot.

She boosts the mana generation, but it doesn’t mean that the hero and nearby allies get a % of mana each turn, like Alberich’s ability, for instance.

You get more mana for each tile you combine (in this case, yellow, green or blue).


Oops, hmmmm you maybe right, … bugger.
Oh well I shall hange my head in shame for not understanding how her mana worked.

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