BrownCoats 2.0 - Looking for mid-level and higher players - Active and Friendly alliance!

Come join us! We are looking for a new member, level 30 or higher. We are very active, but not hard core. We know life can get in the way, and have policies to allow that.

Its a very friendly and knowledgeable group. Line is optional, as is in game chat. Mostly we just want people to show up, get their hits in and be helpful to other members and then life is good.

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We are looking for recruits again. Anyone interested in joining an active and friendly alliance.

I am not looking, but I wanted to say that I absolutely love your alliance name!

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Shiny! Thanks! <and 20 other things>


Is your leader Captain Reynolds?


Spiritually yes. But I’m the figurehead in the secular world.


Bumpity Bump Bump. We still need new meat alliance mates!

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Still looking to fill our roster. We have a great war record, but need some help with titans…come help us!

Ohhh come on pleassseee. Join us, I’m really tired of recruiting :smile:

20 characters of bumping…

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