Brooding Mountain (Season 1, Province 21) help needed

Hi there,

I am struggling with Brooding mountains and can’t seem to progress there at all lately. As far as my team goes from left to right: Hawkmoon, Little John 3/60, Grimm 4/58,Sartana 2/32 and Bane. Should I change team or is it just a hard to progress there?

Dont really remember where this is, is it province 21/22? If i remember correctly you need some serious firepower there and a good 4* healing hero, plus on elite stages you need some tight yellow heroes to stack. Bring axes and arrows to lower their attack or make them miss. But i dont think that team you have will do good, at least not on those elite levels…


It’s 21 season 1. Season 2 is not that bad to do. Am in the process of upgrading to TC20 more levels to go.

Instead of running a rainbow team, can you double up on the strong color against the bosses for each level? If not, it may be time for you to farm a bit and build some roster depth before moving on

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At certain points in the progress of the game, the best tactic is to go back to levels you have already beat and use your world energy there.
One of the best is 8.7. This will get you the best ratio of recruits per energy.
What level is your Training camp level?
I wasn’t able to get through these last levels myself until i had two 4* healers almost maxed to run them with.

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I have TC at 18,13,9 and 6.I do farm at 8.7 and keep my training caps running at all times. One at low cost, another for a specific colour as I am levelling up Sartana and Valen.And usually an Elite too. I have stopped visiting Brooding and instead make it through season 2.

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Hadn’t thought of that. Will double up on colours and see if I get anywhere. If not I will leave it for a while until I have better heroes

You can tap the monsters you are about to face and read what their special skill is. A lot of the bosses are easier if you take antidotes. I like the small ones because you get 10 rather than 5. Planning ahead with which heroes and battles items will work best against a specific level helps a lot. But sometimes it is better to wait until you have leveled some more heroes, storymode will still be there next week/month :slight_smile:

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I used rigard wu kong and other lvl 4 heroes to finish season 1 fully , I select colors based on enemy weak point colors and attacked , bring arrows which will miss attacks of enemies and healing potions . If enemy boss deal debuff or damage or time bring antidotes also .

For last stage in last province I used heroes as shown below and brought revive also.


The only 4* I have are Hu and LJ and can’t ascend them.Am levelling up Sartana. It might be worth to wait a little till I have better heroes.

Yeah wait until u get good hero levels , focus on 4 first because 5 star heroes need lot of resources . I have 5 , 5 star heroes but don’t level them yet

Well, I am levelling up Sartana because I can’t ascend Hu and LJ. But am also working on some 3*.

@Phoenix13 do you have any spirit link? I bring Kailani plus a healer when working on the board. Make sure everyone is healed up and powered up before finishing each level. Bring lots of mana pots just in case.