Broken war algorithm

Our guild of 2 just over 4ks And a 2500 has fought against a team of 2 4500s and a 4K…surely this is busted.

Perhaps in your search of relevant threads you missed this one…

When you are fielding teams of less than 30, I understand war matching is less accurate. I can’t imagine the pool of possible alliances, given a team of 2 very different TP defenses, would be numerous :thinking:.

There’s only 3 of us, definitely seems like a big, it is completely ruining our experience in game to
Go against people that are stronger than any of us, and if they do Even mediocre tHey with because it’s a 2 vs 3 right away.

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I’m not sure if you’ve considered this, but perhaps joining a bigger alliance might give you all a better, much fairer war experience. :thinking:

Regardless GL. Perhaps your opposition won’t be as studious as y’all and not use all their flags. :woman_shrugging:

Your problem is alliance size. Few 2500 players even know how or the people to create a 3 person alliance

Just completed a 2 on 2 war this last weekend. Our war score was equal but it wasn’t anywhere close to being an even match. The depth of the benches in our alliance allowed us to demolish the other alliance. I felt bad for them. I have since withdrawn from this coming war and will take a break for a while.

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