Broken Raid System?


I haven’t been playing for so long but I’m making my way up. Have noticed however that after the update 1.7.3

  1. rerolling to find a different opponent in raids now costs more(?)
  2. Opponents that are at a lower level and lower team power can still defeat you(?)

  1. I wasn’t paying attention. Hmm!

  2. This has been true for as long as I have been paying attention. Was it supposed to change?


  1. Yes used to be 1000 now it is 1200
  1. Not saying/suggesting that it should change. I only noticed that now that is the case with the new update, and unsure that has been the game mechanics in previous versions. Perhaps you or other players who have been playing longer can shed some more light.


My raid ham cost continually goes up as I level up my watchtower (or is it proceed through the provinces? Or both?)

I’m at 1700 per flip now.


The amount of food you use to reroll is equal to 100x your stronghold level


What is your SH level? (Thanks Calhoun!) :smile:


Don’t think your math is right, my SH level is 9, I should have been charged only 900. But to Rook’s point, it does make sense that as my watchtower/character levels then price for rerolling will also increase.

What has me up in arms is the fact that opponents at a lower or lower team power can still beat you. That seems broken to me.


I have paid 2000 for rerolls for a long time already. Not sure what it is based on. Can it be watchtower level? Have had that at 20 for quite some time already.


My rerolls cost me 1700.

My watchtower is 10, but my outposts are 17. Maybe it’s outposts?


I hear you, and think I’m ok with it (not that I can do anything about it), was just wondering…

What bothers me most is the other issue, care to shed some light based on you experience?


I have 21 outposts…


Isn’t it the player level? Always thought it was related to that and grew as my level grew.

For the record: 25 level 1300 ham cost, SH level 13, completed province 21.

EDIT: Ah, nevermind, above answer is marked as solved! Pardon. The post below it tricked me.


To the second point: Opponents at lower levels can defeat you due to a lot of factors between the numbers on each team, but there is a big component of RNG in there as well. That’s a flaw with the core game design. If you don’t get LUCKY enough with combos, the enemy team can just take out your heroes one by one. And worse is when they randomly focus one character, potentially nuking them in one turn. It’s not a great system, to be honest. RNG based gameplay instead of skill based is poor design choice.

If the above happens to you, the only answer is to power up your team to be way over the top of the other. I.e. spend money in the cash shop in hopes of getting better stuff or grind it out for level up materials to make your 2/3 stars decent. Womp womp.


This makes a lot of sense, tho it seemed to me that before the recent update it wasn’t the case; I might be wrong tho. To add insult to injury, the trophy ratio sucks too. It seems that since the opponent is of lower power/level the challenger will get less trophy points when winning and almost double that when losing, but if I’m not “lucky enough” with my combos then I get deducted a boat load of trophy points. What’s up with that?


prepares to be jumped on

I actually like the trophy system…those who are lower down (a) are encouraged to fight upwards and not bully those below them, and (b) will be handsomely rewarded for doing so IF they win.

On the higher up side, I understand it’s frustrating being taken to the cleaners by someone much lower down than you.

What to do? Replace this system with what? And what are the ramifications of doing so?


Not the kind of person that jumps on others when they make sense. Like I’ve said before, I’m inexperienced in this game and it seemed to me that before the most recent update this system worked differently.

Now, as archidruid has argued above, there might be a flaw in the game, and my solution would be to “bully” those even lower since the odds are greater against me than for me.

With regards to suggesting a replacement for the current system, you know very well you yourself will be sending me to a different section of the forum :wink:


As regards changes, the game is always being balanced. IMO, Raid is the part of the game that needs most balancing, so I would expect the most changes to it. :wink: