Broken loot on Titan—I demand an investigation 🤮

You can’t make this up! This is the loot for 12* Rare Titan with maxed harpoon bar with “A+” rating.
3 loot tickets and 3 gems. Not even any body parts from Titans! No coins! No Ascension!

Tell me how this is not broken?! :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

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Reduced Loot Tier.


A+ Rating on a Rare 12* would usually be tier XVI (16).
I’m guessing you have not been a member of the alliance for long (or the below situation), hence the reduced loot tier down to VIII (8).

Update 38 : Rectify Rare Titan deadline description

  • Version 38 – Put in place a restriction that you don’t get Full Rare Titan Loot if you recieved Rare Titan Loot within 12 days in a DIFFERENT alliance.

On a separate note - Harpoon tier 3 ?!!
Surely that can’t be economic.

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12 days can’t be real!
This is just sadistic!

First thing I saw as well. 125 harpoons…that’s a crazy level of resources for such a minimal gain. Boggled my mind


But you got a turtle banner too ….
On a more serious note the good loot rewards from war and other chests appear to be getting less and less.
My immediate concern is the rewards from raids … Lately I find the rewards from that chest to be completely dire.
I have been waiting for a Damascus Blade for months and having so many mats to max out a number of 5* I find this really frustrating to the point of me thinking I should throw in the towel…
And then I think …no … I will get one next time lol

Edit … that’s a lot of harpoons for very little gain. Is it worth it at T3

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