Broken device - need help!

Hey fellow players. I know the developers aren’t mostly here, so I hope someone can help. My Android phone is broken. It’s not turning on at all, so there’s no way I can get a link code. I wanna use my Windows laptop to play. Is there any way I can do so? My Google account is on both devices, and logged into Google I can see the phone in settings. Is there some way to download the game the game and play from the laptop without using the phone?

And question two - if the old phone cannot be repaired, once I have a new phone, will it also be difficult to transfer over to that?


P.S. Really sad that I’m missing Atlantis :frowning:

What’s the operating system on the laptop? Is it android?

It’s Microsoft. Windows 10.

You can use an android emulator called Bluestacks on Windows.

It sets up an Android OS within windows and will allow you to access any android software.

You should be able to log in to your Google play account and, if you log in to Google play normally, it will have saved your E&P account.

My wife did it during a similar situation.

Bear in mind the Bluestacks is resource heavy and my wife’s older laptop was really clunky when playing, but it did work.

Good luck!


Do you remember the #123abc number on your account as that will make things easier. Also a screen shot of a perches from buying somthing the newer the better.
As when you get a new phone just start the game again then send a support ticket. They will ask for info it’s pretty simple.
Ask to swap the #123abc account to your new device, it worked for me was done in 24 hours. Good luck

It took me 6 months to come up with a configuration that would launch reliably and hogg fewer resources.

This is why I use Nox

I’m on a Mac

20 types of incompatibility

I feel sorry for you :pensive:

Thank you thank thank you!! :heart: It worked and I’m back, baby!
You weren’t kidding about the resource hogging, though. It does slow things down, but to be fair I usually have a ton of tabs open and whatnot, so it’s okay once I close the browser.


Glad to hear it :blush:

Hope you get a phone sorted soon.

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