[BROKEN AGAIN] Summons visual bug (missing hero graphics replaced with sprites, originally in 1.11.5, broken again in V18 or V19)



This is just happened when I was doing a 10x summoning at 3am… and all of them were like this.

I also received 8 heroes instead of 10 in the summons.


Guess we have to re-open this Topic then :frowning:

@Petri glitch should be solved but back again…


I guess Guin is not feeling so well.


Nope and Jahangir neither. Guess they got ill by same Virus :rofl:


Isn’t a bug, it’s the new super hero called Sticker Bomber. Deals dmg by spamming ads. :wink:

At last it’s only a graphical glitch, which doesn’t harm any function or odds.




No. They are the stars in newest Pixels movie!


IMG-20190314-WA0006 What is that? This is our money? I play 1 year and i don’t have 5 stars blue or green. This game is only for take our money


I’ve brought this to the Staff’s attention. I’ve seen it happen myself as well several times. Here’s an example from the last Atlantis:


Just wanted to let you know. Here’s a screenshot.Screenshot_20190317-125846


Known issue.


Podczas losowania grafika się psuje! Po losowaniu dostałem innego bochatera !