[BROKEN AGAIN] Summons visual bug (missing hero graphics replaced with sprites, originally in 1.11.5, broken again in V18 or V19)


Seems to be a problem there

Have Same problem

Don’t know what happened here but take a look.Screenshot_2018-04-12-22-04-13

Yes! Saw the same here

Yes! me too i saw it

This happen to me 3 times already

Strange to see what the heroes are made of.

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20 characters

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I have had these glitches since l updated. Odd they are only the heros l most hope for. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hi, we are aware of the visual bug in Summons view where sometimes the graphics of the heroes are missing/displayed incorrectly. Please note that this is purely a visual issue and it doesn’t affect the summons themselves.

We hope to resolve this issue soon. Our apologies for the problem!

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Hello Petri,

guess this is the same probplem as Topic “Display glitch” but this has influence on the game as you cannot fight while this glitch is active…

Hi, this is a separate issue.

We have now released a fix for Android devices and hope to release an iOS update soon to resolve the missing hero graphics in the summon view.

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Did someone change my post. I created this post but the title has changed and my post is not at the top. Rook … Any ideas??

The mods and devs usually consolidate multiple threads about the same bug or problem into one, so that it’s easier for them to keep track of what’s being reported and discussed.


It wasn’t I (this time). Paulson has the right of it; when multiple threads get consolidated, yours might no longer be the first, alas.

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This issue should be fixed in the latest update, please let us know if this is not the case!

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This issue is still valid. I’m on my iPhone Xs Max. I’m on the current version: 19.1.0. See below

mine heroes ans surroundings are all black…


This is just happened when I was doing a 10x summoning at 3am… and all of them were like this.

I also received 8 heroes instead of 10 in the summons.

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