Broken account?

Is this normal when you play for six months.
That you only get a helena and khagan . One eagir zimkita and evelyn . Today i did 75 puls not even a wilbur or a wu or an normal legendary . I do every month 20 puls . This is ■■■■ game . Its al about the money !! Every loser gets an wu, joon, santana liana isarnia .let we say a decent legendary . What is this whit my account always in the negative sections of the pulls ? Always get the same heroes skitlleskuls sabina’s . Today i get a second evelyn . ■■■ . Give me a good normal legendary and not a slow one like a helena or a khagan . And the same collor also pffff. This game is more like a casino you always loosse !!!

This is right, The allways loose part is not true.

Search the forum… There is lots of posts regarding this topic.

And no your account is not broken :smiley:

Here is one to help u…

By the way, Some do not pull not even on 5* for months!!! You are lucky!

I really really hope you are been sarcastic or trying to post a joke… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is not a thread belongs to BUG category …
Its a general one. Moved.


You don’t have good heroes? I would love to have em!

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Please read Parallelsys’s Gacha link. I really appreciated it when it was first posted. Made a lot of sense.

My pulls only gave me duplicates and Sumitomo. I level what I get and eat the rest. :slight_smile:

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Thats de problemm . What do you want whit 3 eagirs. And 5 skittleskulls 5 ameona 5 grimm. But some how i’m always in the same corner of the same heroes. I’ve never seen a melondor or a wu . If you do never pulls i can come in to that . That its a real slow proces. I am now level 39 . I was expecting at least to have 2 or 3 legendary’s more. Like everybodie has .

Great work Mr Regular

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It took me nearly 15 months to get a Wu, if memory serves. At 20 months, I have 4 Legendary heroes.

The way a bell curve works is some are on the close side, and some on the far side, and most are in the middle…some have great luck, some poor luck and most have average luck with pulls.

Sounds like you and I have poor luck, alas.

Which is why my fun in the game doesn’t depend on getting Athena or Evelyn or whoever, but on making the most of the heroes I do have, and mining my TC20 as often as possible for more free heroes, hoping for another 5* (got Obakan earlier this week).

May you find your own fun! :slight_smile:


Thank you Mr. Moderator :wink:

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May be i want it too much. My tc 20 i stopt whit that. Only 3 4star heroes . But mr moderator did you spend money in your account ? I think that it would be better. That they gonna work whit a timer . When you have done 50pulls that you get a legendary garanteed. And always another and not the same hero. Or a joker card that you can youse to choose between 3 hero’s . That the joker heros swith i a while. Thats fair you spend money you get rewarded.

Kadilen was from a pull. Other 5* were TC20

Here’s the record:


(The 4th Legendary was from an epic token.)

I have spent under $125 I think; I’d have to double check.

Oh, and that’s Mrs Moderator. :grin:


No I think we’re still confused possibly…?

Rook is a Mrs Moderator, but she corrected the Mr because she actually had input on the topic.

I’m a Mr moderator and I’m Jonah as in ‘…and the whale’


So I was right and @Rook just make me feel stupid. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :confused:

Cats can do that, and some even seem to take delight in it (but not our dear Rook of course).

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Whitch level are you. ? Slickers how long do you play ?

Sorry miss Rook. Is in america is the game cheaper ? What you pay in dollars we pay the same in euros in holland. If i look even players whit a second acount have more legends .than me it’s so frustrating. Mij team mate always is so lucky whit pulls 2 victors 2 ares 3 quineveres musachi tarlack, 3 evelyns panther joon sartana wilbur . And a lot more . I spend at least 500 euro so frustrading he is lv31 and i am lv39

Thank you for saying that! It is how you find your fun in the game. How you play it, who your teammates are, how you strategize together. That’s the fun for me.

I have had more luck from coins I’ve received in my loot than paying, but I have spent money. I have gotten annoyed, but once I understood it was a Gacha game (that post was awesome) I was okay with it. I have great heroes, will I spend more money? Most likely, but it’s my choice.

One of my teammates pulled Marjana from Training level 20. It was his second attempt, while others have received not one 5*. It’s all on luck.

It comes down to your teammates and what you want out of the game. I think everyone needs to figure that out first, before worrying about the next person.

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