Brogan a ghost?

After a fatal attack he revived with 0 hp and turned to a ghost…if not my special skill of poison,I would have lost a battle with all heroes. Unbelievable

So,if anyone who’s a skill to revive will turn to a ghost, please??

He’s fighter class and his talent is to revive after a fatal attack (some chances). Same as my Boldtusk

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An emblemed fighter has the revive talent. If they are killed, there is a chance that they may revive. If they do, they go into “ghost” form for the remainder of the turn; after which, they revive with 1 hp.

He was with 0 hp…

Indeed. He revived with 1 HP and got burn damage from Kelile and then revived again.

Emblemed Brogan? GTFOOH!!

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