Bringing the weak element against a titan: when is it worth it in your experience?

Lately I’ve been trying out different kinds of teams against titans trying to see the outcomes of different methods not caring if I got a poopoo score or not. (i know that sounds bad on behalf of my alliance but my alliance doesnt seem to care anymore-- so i cant help but feel: “why should I?” We have gone down from 6* and occasional 7* titans to only 5* titans because the leader wont kick people who haven’t hit the last dozen titans. Also no penalty towards the ten people who use 0-to-2 war flags.)

Anyways from my experimenting i’ve realized I do far more damage when I use wilbur against ice titans than when I use an ice hero that only debuffs -34% defense. Because of this Wilbur has been my go-to defense buffer against all titans including ice.

This got me wondering. Which heroes do you feel is worth it to bring against a titan their element is weak against

I’ll take the freebie: Wu Kong and Tarlak are go-to even when weak-color.

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Wilbur, Wukong, Tarlack, Ares.


Not sure your team power, but we face 9* and 10* titans. We have a longtime member retiring. He is staying only while we recruit. If you can hang with a 9* or are far enough to try, consider joining us? Let me know. You can grow here - the 9*’s go down easily - so no pressure. Alliance name is Titan Apocalypse.

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Only WuKong and Wilbur as people said (I don’t have Ares nor Tarlak, so)
Actually WuKong & Wilbur are fixed in all my titan attacks +3 other strong color. That is why my best scores are against purple and green :man_shrugging:

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Only the Wu.

I can flip Isarnia and Wilbur

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As far as I know Tarlak does not play nice with Wu Kong due to the attack cap he introduces (100% versus 185% of Wu).

If he caps the attack bonus of Wu, the impact of the miss will cut in much more into the efficiency.

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First of all, find a better alliance. I think magnificent bastards is recruiting, that’s @NPNKY alliance. It’s a good place. Secondly I’ve asked myself the same question about bringing a weak color to a titan fight for utility and use mana potions, like Wilbur on blue titans… I still just kind of bring a 4-1 stack with Wu as the 1 generally… against purple titans I use 3-2, boldtusk Wilbur as the 2. I don’t have an answer for you, I clicked this thread hoping to learn something myself.


change alliance. there are a lot on the ‘market’. you are making yourself a hardtime

if you use only mana on wilbur vs “ramming pulverizer” then is just lucky boards because only difference is you stay much more alive

did you try 2 borils? counter of all 5 stack?

saw this post and i am curios … ?!?..

yes it is worth it.
example: against a green using grimm defense debuff and stacking 4 reds with an early attack boost will get you big damage; grimm wu + 3 reds also work; ofcourse gormek or tiburtus work better instead of grimm on a green :wink:

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My TP can be 2.8k-to-3.4k depending on what colors I need to bring. Trophies can be 1.7k-to-2.2k depending on whether I decide to cup drop or not. So im unsure if I’ll be able to handle the 9 star titans but I’ll definitely keep your invite in mind!

And yeah I know I definitely need to find a new alliance I’ve just been with them for so long leaving feels weird lol. I think Im still in denial and hope things to magically get better again. definitely need to go alliance shopping

I’ll keep NPNKY’s alliance in mind thanks! It looks like one to consider after my current alliance fills up the war chest

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Yes, but unless you have unlimited supply of blue bottles, ( so you can have one of them active most of the time) , you can benefit from a serial activation one after the other.

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Come to mine. 2 spots open. Minimum 2000 trophies only. Hero Malaysia. :joy:

I love. That a thread that talks about titans ends up being shamelessly an attempt at mass recruitment. :hocho::hocho::hocho:

Wu kong and Boldtusk are always present for me - outside of rare/reflect titans of their color.

It probbaly could be just a lucky coincidence. A -10% extra defense debuff doesnt seem like it should be making that dramatic of a difference.

And I usually bring arrows (underrated imo. They’re awesome when they make the titan’s miss). Minor mana and minor health potion I always bring. Last one varies between mana pots, health pots, axes and bombs depending on the titans rarity/strength etc


If u change alliances, we could use a starfish in our crew

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once you get tarlak, you should replace Wu with Tarlak on all titans, even red.

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Perhaps you’re right but since our alliance is currently full I have no problem also saying join another alliance.

I always take Wu!

With the different buffs stacked (wu/tarlak, BT/Ares/Kiril) and a color debuffer, an extra -10% defense debuff can be noticeable in damage output.


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