Bring loot tickets back!

What’s the point of a monthly Atlantis if we have no loot tickets for it? Are we to mindlessly endelessly autofarm for hours and hours and hours? I thought the point of the game was to be fun… autofarming is the one most anoying thing available in E&P. Even more anoying than re-rolling for a “non-Telluria” tank above 2700 (as if that was possible)… Or are we to buy loot tickets? Most probabily that’s the case… I actually have 70 WE flasks I’d like to use during Atlantis, but loot tickets shortage makes that impossible. I really doubt any în their right mind have the time or mood to go autofarming for 70 WE flasks…


I have been autofarming a lot and went down from 87 to 64 WE flasks.
Have filled TC2 up to 25 days with it and had the luck of gathering enough for 1 pull (Gill-ra). What I noticed is when you use the loot tickets the amount of dropped tokens for summon seem to increase.
I will not be playing so much on autoplay in AR again as it took too much time for what I got in return. This is really feeling like working and there is no fun in it all.
I am happy to do some autofarming when I am on the couch watching the tv for some time, but all weekend autoplay as much as you can, nope not anymore.


I was buying loot tickets and would end up with 4xx each atlantis so yea they’ve always been meant to be a money making convenience as far as i can tell


They where removed out the game to introduce the S3 emblems so it could be swapped for the same loot location.
But we all know it is done to increase the money spent on it.
As most of the features in the game: get 'em hooked on spending loads of tickets, remove them and make them only purchasable and people will buy them as we are creatures of habbit.

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When were they removed?

Guess i missed it

You will not get them from any chest or other loot anymore in game. They have been replaced by the S3 tokens. I am gonna check if I can find the announcement somewhere.
And the S3 loot tickets are a lot less present in loot than the lootickets where before in my records.

Edit: correct they have been reduced and not removed!
Mea culpa

Loot ticket numbers were reduced but not removed. It was Atlantis coins that were replaced by Valhalla coins.


There’s no loot tickets available anymore… I think I got about 5 to 10 since last Atlantis. That’s a big ZERO considering what they’re meant for…

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I get loot tickets occasionally from wanted chests or as a reward for winning a war. I’ve just checked and sometimes I receive 3, sometimes 6.

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Exactly this. This is typical premium item allowing to basically skip some time you’d normally need to spend on game. Don’t want to pay? Play yourself or on autoplay. You literally lose nothing if you don’t use the tickets. It’s for convenience only - exactly what premium paid features should be for.

Come on, don’t make me send screenshots at you. I only checked last 24 hours of my record, I got 3 from Alliance War and 3 from a titan (+3 from VIP but I guess this counts as paying). I know they announced to reduce the quantity, but frankly if they never said it out, I wouldn’t even have noticed.

On a side note, autofarming S2.1.2N for backpacks doesn’t require a single ticket. It’s terrible experience to have to burn like 40 flasks on autoplay like that but still quite efficient.


I wouldn’t mind if they increased the numbers or made the offers for them affordable through gameplay earned gems

In the other other game I’m playing i bought 25 of them for 140 “gems” earned through gameplay but the currency there is much easier to come by

140 of their gems can be earned through just 1 or 2 chests or even 1 completed mission


EP should introduce multiple autoruns in one goal like they did with lootickets. Just press 10 times autorun maps. That would be a breeze.


Sorry, that’s not my thing… I might find it in me to autoplay my 47 WE once or twice during an Atlantis session, but using flasks on autofarm is beyond the bondaries of my patience…

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Somethin E&P needs to increase in my opinion but think that’s been said for years. Would ease some tensions around the game and people would still spend a butt load anyways


That’s a great idea! Not being required to mind the phone every two minutes or so would solve the autofarm problem.

Well of course, I wouldn’t mind saving more money either.

Just whining about them being removed at all is straight lie to call out immediately.

Want to beg for them to be cheaper - well of course, be my guest, but it seems that they got their price tag already established.

Yea, tell me about it, I only had 22 flasks this time and I burned the last one literallly 2 hours before the event ended. Glad no one minds me tapping my phone every minute at work, so at least used some of my office time to do it.


With only VIP active I somehow ended up with 100 loot tickets from last Atlantis to this one. Alliance war chests & Elemental chests Seem to drop 6 and I get 3 usually from tournaments and war results when we win.

Maybe I was crazy lucky this month but I didn’t feel the need to buy any loot ticket offers this month

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You get 3 each day with vip if i recall correctly so that’s 90 a month

If u only ended up with 100 in a month’s time with vip then i think that’s part of the issue the OP is pointing out


In Small Greedy World reduced and removed means the same.

Them damn maths again…

Yeah of course :laughing: :laughing:

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