Bring back the unique quests

Please put an end to this stupid Quest that somehow merges all of the quests that we’re accustomed to and bring back the unique quests they once were.

I want a undead Pirate Quest and a Grimm Quest and the Alice in wonderland Quest. I am honestly completely tired of this weird Quest that unites all of the above into one thing.

Bring them back and start inventing new quests that are also unique. I made an entire list of potential new quests already which you have ignored.

Actually I like this new quest that mixes all old challenges. So I’m against removing it.


Second that, it’s something different and with the many different pieces of content that has come out it became too much, going back to the old way seems counterintuitive at this point IMO


Old events went extinct, pushed out by ninja and magic tower, slayers, villains, circus, cok, wo3k… the festival is a nostalgic reminder of the old times and also a business oportunity as many will summon for the costumes of old heroes. It will go away, in time, if the game lives long enough, but classic challenge events will never return…


SGG simply should get the challenge events with the missing colors done. I don’t dislike the festival but it’s too often.
Sad that a (almost) billion dollar company is not able to deliver new content in time.

The tragic irony is that I find the circus disgusting to look at and the slayers are not much better.

I want the Pirates back.

We never went away :pirate_flag:


Pirates was arrrrrgggggguably the coolest event.


Too often?
If anything, the “Gain XP” quests are the ones that are way too often. They are literally the most pointless quest in the entire game and they seem to show up every other day.

Get rid of that one and bring the Pirates cove back.

And when are we going to explore deeper into the city where we find gems?

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i’m gonna say no for one reason only: Challenge Festival portal has NO SEASON 1 HEROES!

bringing back the old events means bringing back 15% odds of pulling an event hero.


The new events all bring some new mechanic to the event. Challenge festival alternates the mechanic based on the family. I like these new mechanics, makes a twist so none of the events feel the same.

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In the closing credits all the CF cards have a nice conversation and all got along.

Must be the fable where they all lived happily ever after

No c 20 chaaaaaaaaars

I’m still waiting to see if that woman in the red kimono from season 2 survived or not. They left very ambiguous.

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The only thing I miss is the rewards were way better on the old events. Guaranteed 200 emblems (a lot of two specific types). Now it’s nowhere near that on the alliance quest…but I guess there are aether chances?


Furthermore in response to people saying that quests like the Pirates cove quests being too often, I honestly think we need to set aside the overused quests that involve harvesting food and iron and definitely the ones of XP.

Aren’t those the most obsolete quests of all?

I didn’t say challenge events are too often but challenge festival is too often. I prefered sgg getting the two missing events done to replace wonderland and grimforest so we could get each challenge event twice a year.

Food and xp is always welcome here.

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I actually avoid doing the XP Quest simply because it is the biggest waste and most pointless Quest there is.

Food and iron are for rather trivial size shipments of those resources.

As for the gem quest, that one should definitely stay. Though I still don’t wait the part 3 sequel to it.

6 months is way too long time to wait for a quest that only lasts 3 days.

In fact I would say that having only three quests open at a time is way too few because I am over and done with them in less than an hour.

What I think would be good is to have a season 1 event where only season 1 heros are allowed. As a reward for completion have a stat buff for one of the season 1 heros. Rotating the heros through. This does two things helps balance season 1 heros as even with costumes they are still under powered. It also give people the opportunity to use season 1 heros that don’t see any or much action.

The food quests don’t give enough food. Put more levels in and increase the rewards. Create more quests. Two is low. Why not put 4 up at once. Have one for nuggets or dragon bones and other popular mats.


I really enjoy the mixed event. In the past, I found some of the effects to be slog for a full event, but mixed together they keep things interesting. And the alternative to a mixed event is probably seeing each of these once a year.

As someone without a deep roster, it’s much easier to assemble a full event crew with these combined, particularly since the event pool lacks S1 heroes.