Bring Back the Gigantic Discount Offer

I am new to the forum and I’ve been playing since, I think, the end of last year. I have search around the web for deals for this game. And came across an old deal that was taken out due to arguments and people feeling left out.
I want to ask the game owners to bring back this deal, at least once more, for everyone. Either all at the same time or maybe some at sometime and others at other times. This is the deal:

PS: more than once would be awesome.

Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

I think it’s unlikely they’ll bring it back, considering SGG’s CTO was pretty clear they felt it was a mistake:


But… But… Let’s get EVERYBODY into this so no one feels left behind and problem solved! I’ll take two of these please :v:


I would go for it too.

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I would reccomand for the finals of the Atlantis exactly this offer but without the Hero Token and with the same amount of Atlantis Coins to do 5 summon.

I assume there will be now all Atlantis Heroes in the summon, and it would be appreciated from all players if such a offer would close the regular Atlantis season.

@zephyr1 can this be discussed with SGG :heart_eyes:


Unfortunately, I don’t really have any more influence on what offers they decide to have than you do, my friend. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re planning something for the end of Atlantis this month/beginning of the new cycle in May, but I would be shocked if it’s anywhere near the value of the old Gigantic Discount Offer.


Bad to hear, but fine…
I just wonder anyhow that the amount of offers are reduced drastically. I had sometimes 2 offers parallel were others just had one. And I miss the “Kings-treasure”?? As well since end of last year. I can just assume the changed it after Zy… take them over :thinking:

King’s Treasure is one of the targeted escalating intro offers, as far as I know. Everyone gets it at some point, but not at the same time. I’m not sure when — or if — it comes back again.

As for Zynga affecting offers, Tim said during our AMA conversation that Zynga hasn’t had any influence on that so far, and that offers are actually a very low priority for the development team.

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Thanks for clarification :+1:

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The truly scary thing is as soon as I saw the Epic Hero Tokens I thought- Not interested, maybe if the threw in some emblems or avatars or Guardian’s Challenge event tokens ( coming in future probably during Challenge event rework ).

My how the game has grown since this offer.

Types of offers

Edit3: What @zephyr1 said

Click for basically what they said

There are three types of offers

Shop rotating - which has 3 slots for personal offers. Flask offer is one of these.

Shop/ Pop up Global offers- offered to all players at the same time. Challenge event battle items are one of these.

IAP targeted offers- based on you spending habits. Spend more get more expensive offers. Spend less, get less expensive offers.

Kings treasure sounds like an IAP targeted. Spend more and you might get it next time.


Yes, this would be a great idea to bring back! Seems a lot of people lately are complaining and this might put a pep in their step!


I’ll take a dozen or two.

I for one hope it never sees the light of day

and please do nor restrict them to 1 per account. I need 1 gazillion of em

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A lot of people are complaining about loots and stuff. SG is getting more greedy with the time. So offcourse i would like this offer. But i am afraid it is getting the other way around. 3000 gems, epic troop token for “only” 21.99.

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I would only want it to return if it was offered to everyone (or offered at some point like after 2yrs of gameplay). The real issue was that in order to be eligible, you had to make 0 purchases your entire time playing. Admittedly unfair to those who invested in the game.


I agree. They seems to have changed to offering all deals to everyone now. This was a smart choice. Bring it back and offer it to EVERYONE!

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My favorite deals are the ones that are effectively 200 gems to the $1 (Challenge, Atlantis, that one $19.99 for 3000 gems and other goodies every other month). This looks like a really great deal, but the whole concept of baiting F2P accounts makes me really hate it. If I was F2P, and I saw this offer, I’d probably get it. And then I’d get used to having gems and doing pulls like whenever, and then I’d get frustrated when it was all gone and want to buy more… which is kind of exactly what happened to me lol. To me that makes SGG seem more devious, so I’m glad they decided not to continue this promotion concept.

I do want to see more offers, especially the share with your friends offers.

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After reading about (IAP)In App purchases, it sounds like the more you spend, the worse the deals get… That’s not good…
Deals should not be subjective. They should be the same always for everyone across the board.

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