Bring back old HOTM please

Hi, Dev team.
I’ve been playing this game for 4 months, there are many heroes that i love: Athena, Ranvir, GM, Alaise,… but it’s too late now, chance to get them from Atlantis is too small. It’s unfair for new players like me. Old players had a lot of time to build their team, and new player dont even have hero to build. Like someone said: Rich get richer.

Please bring back old HOTM, maybe like this: There are 2 HOTM in one month: 1 new and 1 old. Chance to get them is 0.75% for each. Or 1% and 0.5% depend on how much money you want to get from player’s pocket

Of course, old players will not be satisfied with this idea. But close the gap between old and new players is good for every game.

You have a chance to get old HotM every time Atlantis Rises.


Its too small cause there are many 5* heroes there

The odds of a 5* are really small everywhere. That isn’t going to change


But some of the new HotMs are very good, with improved skills, not to mention event heroes, why worry about the old ones.

Anyway, hopefully there may chance to get some from Heroes Academy if ever implemented.


I have all Hotm from last October. No one cost me more than 60 pulls. But when i try to get Ranvir from Atlantis: 200 pulls for 1 justice 1 kadilen and 1 userna. The Odd of Hotm is small, but there is only one Hotm compare to 20+ heroes in Atlantis. People who play from start can get Athena Kunchen or GM easily, when new player stuck with Neith Grimble or Vela. Even i ascend them all, my team still has no chance. It’s problem of this game: Rich get richer. And when people see no hope, they leave.

I agree… that’s why there are so many people feedback in the early beta HOTM.
Just like @Oliz said, some of the new HotMs are very good. This month Telluria is good, Clarissa potentially very good like GM.

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Well, when season 3 is finished, Iam pretty sure there will be a Valhalla Rising with returning HOTMs.


Instead of worrying about what everyone else has, learn how to make the most of what you do have. You don’t know whether or not they spent, or how much. And believe me, there are people who have spent thousands of dollars (US) per month. Unless you have a comparable budget, and can literally summon until you get the one hero you want, you’re simply setting yourself up for disappointment by chasing after individual heroes.

You’ll get much more enjoyment from the game if you set a budget, stick with it, enjoy the heroes you have, and consider any limited edition heroes who happen to drop as a pleasant surprise.

Worried about competing? Ask yourself what are your long term goals. Finish Season 1? You can do that with 4* TC20 heroes. Season 2 Normal? Same thing. Season 2 Hard? You can do that with a mix of TC20 4* and 5*. Global #1? With enough raid flasks and roster depth (as in multiple heroes in each color so you can stack), you can do that without a boatload of limited edition heroes. As soon as you reach it, snap a screenshot, because nobody holds that spot more than a minute or two. Winning a challenge event? Hoard WE flasks, craft battle items, and learn the strategies to get the fastest times. You don’t need every HotM to do that. Top 100 alliance? Build roster depth. You need multiple maxed 5* in each color to qualify. Plus you need to know how to use them well.


^^^^ this

It’s one thing to bring a boatload of HOTM and napalm the enemy. It’s another thing completely to win using the limited abilities of S1 heroes when coordinated together. And yes, it is possible to do.


It’s this kind of advice that made me like the game for its best aspects… I always support this kind of wisdom being posted.

On another note, future new players will say the same about someone starting now and getting to pull heroes like JF and Telluria. So the system still works regardless.

Something I would like to see is a way to bring back the REALLY old heroes: Hel and Athena. By Atlantis’s current pattern, it will never bring those back. Hopefully Season 3 will also start bringing old HOTM or something. If we don’t get something like that, then an increasing number of old 5* will be permanently locked away from new players
…which is understandable and a way to filter out the overpowered ones, but still. I really like Hel, and although she is OP and it may be better to take her away anyway, I still have my dreams
If you could save up 10,000 gems to pick out a “legacy hero” from the past, I’d totally get saving right now

Hi NPNKY, thanks for sharing. I’m doing at my best with heroes i have, just come to top 100 yesterday (of course for a very short time).

But there’s a truth you must accept: Getting Hotm is much more easier then getting them from Atlantis. You just need several hundred bucks to get Hotm, but without luck you can’t get them from Atlantis even you spend thousands $ per month.

The thing i want to say here is: UNFAIR. Half of A+ tier hero is Hotm and new player has no right to access them.

I’m fine when i have to pull 60 times to get JF while other just need some pulls, cause from start we’re the same. But if it’s game rule, it’s crazy. Hero pool must open for all people, everyone can get them with same efford (except luck) like season 1.

The hero pool is open the same for everyone who is currently playing. What you’re asking is that the hero pool should open retroactively for those players who weren’t playing when Hel, Alberich, Natalya, Zeline, etc were HotM. That’s not equal treatment. That’s preferential treatment for the newcomers. To keep old HotM available at all times for everyone essentially negates them being a Hero of the Month

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Really?? Ursena is a great tank, Vela is a game changer and the new season 3 heroes are good too.

Rather than pining for the old, suggest you work with the great heroes you have and embrace the new

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As someone whose been fortunate enough to get MANY HotM heroes, I still have yet to get an Ursena or Poseidon.

Consider yourself lucky.


Yes, they have right. And my request fulfill them :smiley:

This statement couldn’t be generalized, my roster has 10HotM at the moment, 9 of them were obtained during Atlantis pulls.Yet I operate within my set budget, if it’s 10…15 pulls, it will be and not more, if I go all the way and do 30 pulls…still within budget and get nothing worthwhile that would be it.
It is often said here that one may not have all the heroes in this game, it may appeared possible if you are a whale but as the game progresses month after months there would be some heroes you just have to let go.

@NPNKY gave a valuable advice, learn to use what you have and I will add ‘effectively,’ while I kept Khagan at 2/60, I often get good surprises on the damage the hero dishes out on defense whenever I met him in raids, people express meh over some heroes but you will be amazed to know how many players maxed them and are using them effectively.

My perception is that the game is focusing more and more on new heroes and then less and less on the old, even from business perspective, there is potential higher revenue from a very good new hero than a comparative old one…because most players would be after the new.

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How do old HsOTM stack up against new ones given they have no resistance or Element Link they appear to be significantly weaker. Or are their specials so much more powerful that it makes up for it? I wonder how the SG team arrive at the magic numbers 774 or 782 or whatever. If there’s a thread about that please point me to it.

Old monthly heroes are not really much different from the current ones. They have their insanely powerful (Hel) and their remarkably lame (Margaret). It varies. Hel (one of the oldest) is my all-time favorite 5*, but Margaret (another old one) is just… Well, I’d rather stick with my 4* Hansel.
We’ve got the Tavern of Legends coming for the first time this month at some point, I expect, which will give people a shot at drawing these old monthlies. :slight_smile:

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