Bring back 1*/2* Tournaments!

I think bringing them back is easier than refunding everyone. I will need a reset emblem for every 1* and 2* hero, to start with…


I wanna see a volcano!

The only tournaments with same chances for all disappeared. Congatulations, SMALL GIANT GAMES! If there was any doubt, that you prefer the paying gamers, now you eliminated this.


I think the forum has already exploded like a volcano over the past few days. Any more bad moves from the developers will only make it explode more, like lvl.8 Volcanic Eruption by a +20 Azlar. LOL

Personally, I am glad they are gone, too many other things to focus on.

However, I honestly wish they would have multiple tournaments each week that you can choose to participate in that way you can tailor your teams better…For example, you could choose a 3*, 4*, or 5* tournament (maybe add a 1* and 2* for new players) and whether its Bloody Battle, Rush Attack, etc.

my 2 cents.

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1* Tournament has no place in the game. New players are beyond 1* heroes well before reaching level 14 when they can join tournaments and if playing logically will have eaten the 1* heroes. THEREFORE the 1* tournament is for those with excessive resources to GO BACK and level up 1* heroes and buy extra roster slots.

2* Pleased to see them gone but would have been less bothered as some newer players could still have 2* heroes but the more advanced players would dominate as well by bringing their teams to +20. Excellent maths in another post showing how emblemed 2* is 50% stronger than maxed 2*, the gap declines as stars increase.

Beginning players by level 14 should have some solid 3* and at least be able to garner decent chance at some loot in 3* tournaments. Initially tournaments pair players against players with similar defenses (it seems to me, I intentionally set out a weak defense in 3* once and faced other very weak teams the first two days).

It isn’t until 3* heroes you have any real variety anyhow, isn’t THAT what makes things fun?

There have also been several suggestions about adding new rules for tournaments and that would certainly keep things interesting, more than having feeders fight one another. One new rule could be “no emblemed heroes”…

I would be happy if the frequency of 3* tournaments were increased. This appears to be the best way to be newbie friendly and would allow my 3* to stretch their legs from time to time instead of waiting for the challenge events.


I thought the 2* tournament was fun mixed it up a bit. Somthing new, if its on a more level field how can it be a bad thing? 1* heros take so little time to level anyone could level them in a couple of days. But no who plays this game for fun, not like it was every couple of weeks and it gave the newer players if there are any a chance to shine, and older players like myself Somthing new.

Thanks for rhe reset! but cant we just get refund in the food and heros used to level out 1&2* heros sure. Many have leveled them like i had.

Let's make a poll to decide whether 1/2* tourneys should be brought back!

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Yes, we definitely need another 27 threads for a thing, that happened once and probably never again and if, once or twice a year.



Maybe they could make a feeder training playground, where you can fight 5 Aife vs 5 Derric.

Imo that already exists.
It’s called Toon Blast.
Can be found on the app store.



Let’s make a poll to decide about this too.



People are here to complain about useless feeders being even more useless and you wanna fill their heads with logic??!

You should be ashamed of yourself…


Lol you know roster space increases in price the more you have right?

Wait just reread your post, i can tell you don’t lol


It would cost me 200 gems to purchase another 5 roster slots. I have 169 slots, holding a number of duplicates (I wish Hero Academy would just come out soon). For someone who has purchased more additional slots, the cost of 5 new slots would be even higher.

Paying 200 gems just to participate in a 1-star tournament once a year? 400 in order to be able to colour stack? I have better uses for my gems, thank you very much.

I was planning to just ignore any 1-star tournament, but since the poll came up, I voted for no.


Love it - please take care Bob!

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No, it only wasting my precious rooster spot as F2P.


Yes I know that, and that is why I won’t waste my rooster space investment for 1☆ heroes.


… like 1 and a fraction pull at the summon gate for a maybe 2% chance for a 5*?

I didnt care for the 1star, would have like more 2star. Im sad they were cancelled, but what’s done is done at this point.

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My gems and my choice as to how I choose to spend them. There are other ways/reasons to spend gems. Not to hold 10 1-star heroes that would see use once a year.

I have almost a full collection of maxed 2-stars and wouldn’t have minded more 2-star tournaments. But I am NOT complaining about the loss of the feeder heroes and food that went into levelling them. If I’d known that there wouldn’t be more 2-star tournaments, I definitely wouldn’t have maxed them and hung on to them. But I have not uttered a single word of complaint since it was my choice to level them.


In all honesty! Who ever come up with the idea in the first place and thought it be a good idea. Maybe should of asked people who play the game a lot in the first place, maybe ask the people in beta what they think of it.
We could of had a vote like we did on here and the result would of been the same.
People now just complaining for the sake of it.
The ain’t no 1* 2* tournament and there never was!