Bring back 1*/2* Tournaments!

IMO the best tournaments are the 4* ones. They have a healthy variety of heroes and provide ample space for tactical decisions.

5* tournaments follow raid/war meta to the T and thus are boring.
3* tournaments are a huge coin toss because the heroes are way too fragile compared to their own damage.

2*/1* heroes have 0 variety, 0 practical use outside of the tournament, and worst of all - emblems (due to having the same values for all hero rarities) will more than double their base stats, creating a huge discrepancy between those who have them and those who don’t.

So…please don’t bring those back, and while we’re at it, remove the 5* ones too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Frankly, those still advocating for it is not even newbie.

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No! No one wants to play a 1* or 2* raid tourney!


No. (20 characters).


Never get them back…


What if they were not food?

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I suggested a solution for this

(Increase emblem drops or 1x Free and 1x 75g Tourney or Run five tourneys- 5* to 1*- EVERY week or still bitter about 1*+20 heroes)

They’re food… you get one every minute in HA… total waste of roster space. As long as 2* tourneys were around I was siding with the newbies who could have their fun with 2* heroes. But now, theyre gone, I think that’s one of the few good decisions SG made in a long time. Bringing them back would be a waste of roster space, feeders and emblems. Emblems are hard to come by, every one matters, I feel they’re wasted on 3*, throwing them away on 2* it’s unthinkable for me…


After a couple of weeks of playing I had no use for 2* anymore. And I thought “Good riddance”. I won’t be bringing any back.

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They are food.
And such a tourney would only work, if the hero space is free and unlimited.
Right now I only got free space for 10 to 20 feeder hero’s.
And I’m not willing to buy any space for crappy 2* tournaments.


Bad, very bad idea to bring those tournaments.

Waste of space and emblems.

If SGG wanted 1* 2* heroes for other purposes than feed the rest, they woud develop new ones, and there would be levels in the events for those heroes.

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Bring back 1 and 2 star tournaments with new 1 and 2 star heroes. All levels deserve a chance to be in tournaments and would make them more useful than just higher level food.

I know 1-2 star hero’s are just feeders but, I really wish we could have an event or something just for them :grin:

I was originally a fan of the 1 and 2 star raids they cancelled. Lost a lot of emblems on that one.

But I wish there were some quests we could use our lowly 2 stars. Would be great for new players who now have to wait to build up a 3 star team to do quests… bloody battle etc etc.

Any thoughts? or should we just keep eating them for supper?

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Nope nope nope.

Don’t play with your food.

Ain’t nobody got time (or roster space) for that.


Alas, I agree on the roster space argument. I currently only have two 2* on mine, both unleveled.

Wow this still going on. Haha :joy:


Maybe have a max exp level of ,say, 20 for the 1*/2* tourney. That way newer players can gain some valuable experience and not have veteran players wiping them out.

Better yet, why not just let each individual player choose which level tournament to opt in to? Have multiple levels going on at once, but force each player to choose the one that is most appropriate for their level.

That way, you won’t have top players max embleming their 3* heroes for 3* tournaments, because they will be opting instead to participate in the 5* tournaments (which will have better overall rewards); meaning the players who actually mostly only have 3* heroes will be fighting against mostly other players at their own level.

EDIT: essentially… tier the rewards per level… while it would still be possible for top players to get top spots in a 3* tourney, make the rewards more appropriate for 3* players. That should disincentivize the top players from participating in tournaments that are supposed to be for lower level players.


The current format:
Bloody Battle - Ban Red
A tournament of 11 heroes…

Not much value in this experience for newer players, as compared to roster space and Bane. Removing this content was a good move.

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Please not, they are boring, leveling up 2* heroes and 1* troops is waste of resources, and new players can’t compete aganist full teams of 2* with emblems and high level troops.


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