Bring back 1*/2* Tournaments!

I think this sucks for new members and those who can’t afford to spend money. If E& P really looked into those complaining, I mean, everyone should have the space for a group of 2* heroes for tournament play.

I think new players need to have a chance to play and the gift you sent is completely useless and ridiculous for both new players and those who have been playing for a long time


Definetely. A very poor move from the developers. The only objective is that paying players don’t lose in 1* and 2* tournaments against free players. Now the 1* and 2* heroes and 1* troops are useless. And we are not getting back all we invested in talents and in upgrading those troops and heroes. This scks, even more since they announced there would be a 1* tournament this month. A very bad move. Booooh!!!


You dont have to spend money to create a competetive 3* lineup for the tournament. It’s not worth it to use your resources on 1*/2* heroes for a tournament that will only come out a couple times a year.

I for one am glad they’re gone and hope it remains that way.


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I disagree with bringing them back. Everybody and also me been beginer. I had several 3* Heroes few weeks after I started as a F2P. Beginers have more troubles underssand how game work not even participate in some tournament what he do not understand well. In these 3* tournament you can see how important is there lucky on good board. We had one 2* tournament and I was able to defeat players with fully leveled teams with my not leveled Heroes. Ther is no place for skills. If defender charge special skills early then you. the most time game is over.


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Devs could run multiple tournaments per week and let players choose


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Feeders should remain feeders, encouraging poor gameplay is actually not helping new players or f2p c2p!
1* and 2* tourneys were the 2nd silliest idea they’ve had after the lab


Yes. I was looking forward to a 1* tournament and built a team for it. Please bring these back. It helps low level players and the f2p players.


No thanks. Even if I’m no more in the 2* zone I clearly remember how much I struggled at that time with my hero slots. I wanted sooo much to be able of get rid of my 1* and 2* heroes that I disagree on having their tournaments.
New players should focus on build up their buildings while aiming to have a full 3* roster without worrying to keep the feeders. I find 1&2 stars to be transitional placeholders that allows you to get a grasp of the game, like tutorial heroes, and no more (then they become feeders, sorry Aife, truth is cruel)

At least that was my experience, and these are my 2cents. Good game :slight_smile:


Very good decision to remove these formats ! My roster space thanks you for it
Not to mention the enormous amount of cheap xp I was able to put on Grimble from these fully leveled feeders…yummy :wink:
The reset emblem was icing on the cake…can’t get enough of those
Thank you SGG !!!


2*-1* for beginners - is a biggest lie I ever heard on this forum. Beginners don’t bothers with them at all (maybe only with healers only if really unlucky with Hawkmoon or Belith). Daily summons gives 3*. Game starting with Bane. EHT gives 3* for sure. Stop sheltering your wish by saying it’s for beginners.


I would have liked it, but bringing it back now would make the whole situation even worse for everyone, who levelled/emblemed the 1* and already fed them away. So, better not…


I don’t. And I’m not spending the gems to get it.


Nothing better than beating a dead Karma …

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Funny, I would think all experienced players know that gems spent on the hero roster space are probably the best investment in this game, the rest of the purchases is a lottery for items that in most cases you can get for free as well.

It would be sad if the 1* and 2* tournaments were sacrificed due to… roster space ??? Really?? Spending a 100 gems would have fixed that “roster space issue” without needing to sacrifice game play for all millions of players…

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I passed 100 gems a while back. Double that now, and too pricey for me.

I honestly do not think SG can bring the tournament back after everything that happened.

Think about it. They first announced that there was going to be a 1* tournament, that already made many people unhappy. Still, some players looked forward to it and invested resources, feeders, and emblems in building a team.

Then, just a week later, they announced the tournament was canceled. That made even more people upset.

If they now say they are bringing it back again, can you imagine the backslash it will create? This forum will explode like a volcano; and the developers will be torn into pieces.

So I do not think it is going to happen.

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