Bring a Legendary Hero token or/and

The game doesn’t have a guaranted token to pull a 5* or even a 4*. Make the game more friendly to players. 0,3% , 1.3% chances for a 5* has tired everyone. Hero academy is ‘‘broken’’. Or/and give the opportunity to receive a 5* accumulative through stages.

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I agree with you, but isn’t that kinda what ha10 does?

Eh, would be nice - but then everyone would complain about the drop-rate of it being too low.

Nothing is ever good enough to satisfy folks!


Yes, true, but that doesn’t mean that any step forward isn’t worth. Inmagine how many rights wouldn’t be in our societies if our parents/grandparents would have thought what you have said. :slight_smile:


Eh, I live in a society that has a lot of people that want to roll rights back, especially for minorities or those who aren’t a specific color, gender, or sexuality.

But anyways, back to topic - I like the ‘accumulation through stages’ aspect! Maybe one of these tokens at the 40th/48th/50th tier of Path of Valor or something?

Eh, this is a mobile game, not a social experiment (despite some wanting to make it one).

In truth, a token would really only help newer players. If you play long enough you get all the S1 heroes anyway and there’s no way SG would give away a non-S1 for free.

HA isn’t “broken”, it works as advertised. It is just not the solution to dupe 5*'s that we were all hoping for.

Here’s what would happen…

SGG makes this and pops it as very rare loot in something. Most people don’t get it so F2P or VC2P players don’t actually see the addition as beneficial to them even though they are free if you get lucky.

Then they put it in bundles that can be bought meaning people prepared to pay get more 5* still.

Now if it’s like Aethers I’m fine with that. I have 7 limit broken 5* and the 5* aethers to do another 5 as the quests come round. I’ve bought 1 in a bundle but the other 11 have come from Tournaments & War wins.

But whatever they do someone is going to complain

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