Bring a costume medal

Many people have the heroes but not have their costumes and most of us will never get them especial free to play players. So a costume medal will diminish a little bit this gap. Putting a medal into a maxed hero we can earn his/her costume. Why not?

Confused at how this would work. What exactly would the medal do? Does it replace the costume? If not, what would the difference be between this Medal and having a costume?

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Linking similar topics. Feel free to vote for them … maybe SG will use an idea.

Not earning, but crafting. :arrow_up:

Almost the same idea I think :arrow_up:


Mayby I didnt explain it well. The medal will give you the costume of the hero. So lvl80hero+medal costume= lvl80hero+costume hero. The philoshophy is that its hero has a shadow (costume) when you give the medal to the shadow you charge the costume.

:thinking: Okay. So the medal is essentially the costume.

  • How do you obtain the medal?
  • Is the medal interchangeable? So I could have one medal and put it on, lets say, Marjana then I could take the same medal off Marjana and give it to Leonidas?

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Could you use the medal to give a costume to a hero that does not have costume released?

That’s good questions. I guess one source obtaining the medal could be through crafting like hero academy with a chance to receive a medal. I think it shouldnt be interchangeable.

I don’t think how can this be possible if the costume hasn’t been designed first. But the medals should be for all heroes that have their costumes released.

Hmmmm… :thinking: In that case I think the Tailor’s shop would be a less complicated idea if the Tailor’s shop were to work like a training camp.

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