Brienne's Berserker Fury STUCK at lvl6

Hello everyone. I have Brienne max out for like 3 days or so and Berserker Fury at 6/8. Tried two times a mix of ** and * characters to fed her without any luck and it’s OK, I understand that. BUT… yesterday I fed her with 8x*** and 2x* = 34% chance of level up… Nothing… angry but still quite OK… Few moments ago I gave her 10x*** = 40% and guess what? NOTHING and I’m really pissed right now. Could someone explain ■■■ is going on? And what’s your story with this character


Been there, done that!

Patience and keep trying! :slight_smile:

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I have brienne and also belith stuck at 6/8… it’s annoying. I continued feeding belith for awhile but decided I had better uses for my feeders and could try again later.

Later hasn’t come yet :slight_smile:

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I would move on to using those feeders for another nature hero to lvl. You will eventually have more 4* heroes and Brienne will only be used sparingly, maybe on your green team for wars and events.

Mine is Melia, fed her 12 Melias so each time was 25% chance. She only skill raised once.

She’s only at 3/19 so I still have some time but I may have to feed her 4 Melias at the same time for 100% chance. If she still doesn’t skill raise, then I want all my Melias back.


1 at a time worked for me every time :slight_smile:

Statistically, you should feed a “stuck” hero only 1* color-matched unleveled heroes, one at a time. Use the 2* and trainers for other heroes.


Just have wasted 9 green * one at a time, no good

3* heroes are notorious for this.
Once they reach the 3^50 mark, even though you do not see their XP increase any further and the ascend button greyed out after feeder heroes are applied, they aren’t really behaving any differently when it comes to specials level up than when they are not yet fully ascended. I’ve had my Brienne stuck at 5/8 when she was 3^50, I had a chance to get a full one up when I had 3 other copies and would have gotten her to 6/8 if I waited for one more copy to show up. But instead, I thought to myself, my luck couldn’t be that bad and at least one of them has to give, so I fed her individually (each 25%), end result? Brienne still at 5/8, RNG just decided that it wants to place me in that 75% miss pool.

My Brienne is eventually maxed through using 1* Greens one at a time, and combination of my TCs spitting out additional Brienne that I gathered 4 of and fed at same time. With Atlantis heroes it is a bit different, currently, my copy of Melia is 6/8 and about to hit 3^50. Since Atlantis heroes don’t show up in daily summons, nor do they show up in training camps, I also play for free, so my summons come from Gems or Atlantis Coins I saved up before each Atlantis summon.

My approach will still be what @Kerridoc suggested, one 1* hero of the same color at a time, even though it does seem like it is doing anything. Save your 2* feeders and Trainer heroes for other heroes.

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My brienne is stuck at 5 or 6 special too. Gave up on her because I have more valuable heroes to feed my greens to.

That is the sentiment for most of the players that they have better uses of their resources (e.g. 4* and 5* heroes). In the long run, that may be the case since 3* aren’t really viable heroes as the game and your opponents get gradually harder and you are only using your 3* for Rare Tier of the Challenge Events or War Teams (but this will gradually be less and less once your rosters consists of more powerful heroes).

The completionist in me compels me to level every hero that I have on my roster that I would like to keep maxed. Due to the roster space limitation, I don’t keep the 1* and 2*. But 3* I do keep. So currently I have 1 copy of each S1 3* maxed (no duplicates) and working on my Atlantis 3*, which I have at least one copy of each of them.

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I had an 88% chance and lost before. It’s all just luck.

Leave her like that. Just dont waste your time and food. There are other heroes to Feed. For future, YOU can Feed a hero one hero,one time. That will improve the skill.

BTW, there is a change in beta that looks like it will help in situations like this. Stay tuned, but in the meanwhile I’d just leave the heroes at less-than-full special where they are and move on to other heroes.

I got problems not only with Brienne, but also Ulmer, Belith and Jahangir were leved up around 7 times in total this week, none of them improve their special skill (I always feed with 10 characters of the same color circa 23-25% chances), hence; Jahangir is now 2/21 and he’s special skill is 2/8, so just a mandatory level up took place - freaking awesome…
But Brienne is my primary character so it annoys me the most.

When this beta feature will be released to public? I leveled up today and no improve to special skill AGAIN, like every single attempt this week, seriously I have enough of this…

Sorry, I don’t know. I’m just a tester, not staff. Usually beta goes to production in a few weeks, but we’re testing a feature that I don’t think they’re planning on taking live until next year. Doesn’t mean that the various bug fixes and tweaks like this one won’t go out much sooner.

Sounds good. I have a batch of season 2 3* stashed specifically for special raising when I get to levelling one of them - an improved chance to raise specials once otherwise levelled would free me up a lot of feeders and roster space.

I had the same problem with my first Bain. He was at max level 50 with a special of 4. I’ve given up on wasting feeders and only feed him 4 Bains at a time as they show up in the summon gate. He’s still only at level 7 haha. It takes a long time but it does work. Best of luck to you as you try to improve her!

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