Brienne special not stacking with standard attack buff?

Hi all!
It seems to me that Brienne’s special does not stack with (i.e. removes) the standard attack buff (e.g. from the Bear Banner).
This looks strange to me, as Brienne’s special is not a standard attack buff.
And Wu’s special (which also has a twist) does stack with the standard attack buff.

Can anybody explain that to me, please?

Brienne’s was changed awhile back. The only one that stacks with other attack buffs is Wu.


Thank you, @Dante2377, for your fast answer.
My question includes also the “why”.
I thought until now, that different buffs stack.
Brienne’s special is different from the standard attack buff, so it actually should stack with it (imho).
I was rather disappointed when I found out that it doesn’t.

It used to, but the devs changed it to not stack.

OH! Good to know, thanks @Dante2377.

That is really disappointing. She’s just a 3*. I don’t think that her ability stacking would throw of any (existing or not existing) balance. The normal heros are already rather weak against HotMs and Event-heros. That would have been a nice strategy option.

Well, anyhow … thank you very much for your answers.

From what I’ve heard, it was changed because combining Brienne with a Spirit Link user like Gunnar causes attack power to rise way faster than was intended, and as a result stacking with a regular attack buff was seen as too overpowered.

I’ve often thought that Wu Kong should be the same way, but that’s a very tricky subject to bring up when Wu is so heavily used for titan score.

no one would stop using wu, they would stop using kiril and BT.

Yes, combining Brienne with Gunner is nice … BUT, both are 3* which is a major draw back (except for Beginner event).
So, fighting a Titan this way would mean to remove 2 5s (or heavy leveled 4s) for 2 3*s.
I don’t think that this way it would be overpowered … especially comparing that to some of the event heros or HotMs.

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