Breaking the trophy plunge!

I’ve reached a milestone I’m unlikely to get to again anytime soon because I fluked a few victories against Guin tanks and purple is my weakest colour.

I’m expecting a 400 trophy backlash and plunge next time I log in.

Any tips on how I could break the fall?

I’ve reverted to K in the middle after experimenting with Fong as tank. Like @Rigs said Zim is probably better in flank despite the tanky health stats.

I think K in the middle is a better strategy for War (which is arguably about survivability over many attacks) but I’m not as convinced for Raid Defence.

If Magni gets maxed I’ll probably swap him with Fong but I’m not entirely sure of the dynamics of this. He’s a glass cannon.

Part of me just wants to fill the middle with Zim Fong and Magni and forget about K. Someone on here mentioned that putting all attackers on your team puts pressure on the opponent to get their tiles right or be punished. That would be strange to me but I don’t mind trying it.

I’m actually used to delay tactics in my defence setup and have traditionally almost always put 2 healers in.

My trophy range is about 2300+.

I have majority of 4* in my roster but notable absences include Rigard and Caedmon.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I can take criticism so go for it.

Eg I’m anticipating a few ‘Kashhrek sucks’ comments😂

Kash wont keep you at 2600 cups and neither will double heals, if it was me I’d swap out kash with someone else and maybe even boldtusk as well.

Zim Drake Magni

Would be the core 3 then put 2 wings to compliment those. I normally sit at 2500+ cups using no healers on attack or defense. You could possibly go zim tiburtus drake magni caed if that’s possible. Average mana or slow mana on wings makes them relatively useless while fast/very fast mana have proven to still be viable.

Magni on a wing loses half his special so no bueno either

Just typing this as i think about it lol

Off to work now, keep us posted on how it goes, congrats on the cups!


Good job with the Guinevere-slaying :slight_smile:

Fong should stay near the tank if that tank need a heavy stacking to be defeated as his blind could hit up to 3 heroes, Kashhrek is good where he is at the moment, Zimkitha is in her best position.
Good team composition, just replace Boldtusk with a fast damaging hero and you could still awake over 2400 cups.

Try to replace Crit troops for Mana ones if possible.

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Thanks you two. I awoke with 2350 trophies lol.

I’ll try and experiment with my team after both of your helpful input :slight_smile:

I think I’m on steady diamond ground now.

Tried Zim tank.

Caedmon makes my team rainbow friendly and synergetic now :joy:

Oh, sorry, I just noticed OP was a few month ago… I’m currently in a similar situation…

Can you post a screenshot of your current defense?


Current defense line, been using it for a while.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to stay in diamond tier with a 4* hero defense.

I know, I’ve been finding that out the hard way for quite some time now… However, that doesn’t mean I can’t find my way into diamond and open the chests there… let them sent me back then, I know I don’t belong there. Not my fault my attack capabilities outmatch my defense by a few miles…

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You are in the same boat I am. Though I learned quick to stay where I belong till I have my 5* team. Taking on teams that your defense cant hold against is kinda pointless. I know ultimately is about unlocking that chest and done… But to me is more than that :wink:

On the contrary, I very much enjoy testing my strength against 600+ higher TP teams. Bet on a good day with a bit of luck and some streak of decent boards I could make top 100 with no 5* hero. Last time I was about 100 point from top 100. Two or three more victories that is…

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Does not mean I dont do the same. I just dont look for them :slight_smile: They come to me :wink:

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Oh, I do look for them, I’m like the king of re-rolls :grinning:. Last time I got close to 2700 cups I spent about 250K ham re-rolling hoping to find some really heavy names to fight… no luck though… I mean I did find some familiar names, but no “sacred monsters” :grinning:

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■■■■■ epci!

Awesome @Ian487 Good luck with your “sacred monster” quest! :rofl:

I think about things too much thats probably why I am not doing fun ■■■ like that! LOL

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You are right, it was a lot of fun, come to think of it! And an adrenaline generator :grinning:

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Wow time flies.

This is my current defence “Team A” that keeps me in the 2400-2500 range.

I am thinking of maxing Richard with emblems to do something like this (Team B):

Do you guys have any opinions on whether Team B or Team A is better?

Or any thoughts in general on my current Team A?

Thanks, appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@Rigs @AirHawk @zephyr1


I would still pick team A with Marjana switching with Drake.

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Marjana as tank? Ok. But that means my opponents will definitely stack blue. As opposed to being in two minds since reds are at opposite ends.

Also in setup B, what if I swapped Drake with an emblemed Vivica (Team C)