Breakdown of 3*/4*/5* heroes usability

I’ll try to fiddle around and see if I can come up with something.

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Where can I find healers’ list?

It looks like it’s the #3 skill on the list:

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the time you put into this for everyone and it’s so user friendly for an old gal!

Any other guides you recommend?


Nice work @TomV93. But boril dosnt have spirit link.

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This thread is a good starting point for links to many great guides: Master List of E&P Links

Anything in particular you’re looking for?

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Indeed, it must be counter attack. I’ll adjust it in a bit. Thank you!

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Wow great list… Job well done Tom and thank you for taking the time to make this.

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Where’s Thorne? :smirk:

*20 specials for Thorne

You right, there are no category for deal damage three with avarage mana speed.

There’s no “hero doesn’t do jack” category? :joy:

Poor Thorne… he got me through my first two months of the game. I have him past 3rd ascension now. Tempted to max him as a thank you for everything he’s done, also just out of sheer curiosity to see if he’s really as bad as everyone says.


Ariel is missing. 5*. heals all allies, increases mana gen for all allies and dispels all status ailments from team.

Yes, this post is old, Ariel is new Atlantis Hero (Feb 2019), and this thread is not frequently updated.

I came across this post when trying to find a list of heroes who dispel status ailments. Is there a more up to date version of something like this?

Go to:
then click apply, like this:
Hope it help.

So, there are 7: Kunchen, Ariel, Vivica, Zimkitha, Rigard, Lady Locke, Gill-Ra
If we add filter Aliment-cure-3, there is one: Aeron.

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I have not frequently visited the forum in the past few months. @jinbatsu posted a link (previous post) to a great tool that allows you to filter the database of heroes, including a filter for special skills.

If you’d like me to update the initial list of this topic, then I will. Let me know.



Yes please…that would be a wonderful help. :smile:

I maxed Thorne, because I did (and do) not have any other 5* blue hero. Admit it, the Kiril + Grimm (Athena) + Thorne combo is pretty powerful. :wink:

The list is up to date again.

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I’ve ascended Thorne to the last tier since writing that post, leveling him now so I’ll find out soon enough :wink: I also just got Grimm and Kiril but warm capes are hard to come by.

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