Break the stalemate

Since the devs have essentially ruined the game with Telluria and Vela it’s time to review nerfing them again. Raiding has become absolutely boring. Scroll through the top 500 and it’s all you will see. You could literally hit skip 10x and see the same team. Wars are now only green tanks. I don’t need to go on further. I’m seeing alliances bleeding players including my own because of those two heroes and what they’ve done to the game. It’s just boring and not fun playing against them.

  1. Make Telluria slow. Get rid of her minions or her offensive component. She doesn’t need both.
  2. Make Vela average and remove her extra damage against fire entirely.

For wars the enemy buffs needs to die. No one asked for it. No one wants it. No one enjoys it. It adds an extra layer of frustration further making this game less fun. Just let us play on even terms. It’s fair. What you have in place now is not fair. It’s terrible and if you put it up to a vote almost everyone would agree with me. Get rid of it especially field aid.

Have you looked at raid formations?

Please use existing threads :+1:

If you are going to do an ideas thread, it’s best to stick to one specific idea so that voting is slightly more meaningful :slightly_smiling_face:

And please search for similar ideas that are already in circulation :mag_right:


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