Brawler Combo - where are my tokens?

Hi. I got a brawler combo earlier and i didn’t received any token. Can You fix it?
Thank You!

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Pardon my ignorace, but what is a brawler combo?


It’s a special offer in Shop.

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Unfortunately, the text on that offer is a bit misleading. The Brawler Combo (like many of the featured offers in the shop) only gives you at least 2 random items from the list shown, so you’re not likely to get tokens that way. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone; this is a very common misunderstanding, as shown here:


Thats it. Same problem i got a brawler combo before 15 min. and i didn’t received any token. Please can You fix it?

Your complaint was just answered with the last post. Why don‘t you just read it?

As per @lexinen above - the Brawler Combo only contains ‘at least’ two of the items.

I’m afraid it’s not a very good deal.

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