Brawler combo problem


i bought brawler combo for 300 gems but i got nothing from it. Tell me please, should i recieve something from it or i can get nothing? I recieved two heroes (maybe, i am not sure) but they are not in my inventory.

Thank you

P.S. sorry for my english)

I'm less angry now, but this still needs fixed
Come and be outraged with me, please

The Brawler combo should give you at least (not less than) two of the items shown, so two hero’s or x items, or a combination of those. Are you sure you didn’t get items instead?

Please review this FAQ article. :wink:


Hello. I am absolutely sure that i didn’t recieve any items =(. Support answered me that i recieved two heroes but it is not true. They didn’t appear anywhere. It was about a week ago, but nobody are going to solve my problem. It is not serious =(

Sorry for my english, i hope you understand me.


The only thing I can think of is that you accidentally ate the heroes when leveling up other heroes (I have done this!)

To prevent this from happening, the MOMENT you get a new hero, click the heroes tab, click the hero(s) you want to protect, and click Favorite (upper left corner, turn the text white to lock it).


i understand, but it is impossible to ate two heroes at once and not to notice that, i haven’t done anything since i opened brawler combo. i was looking for heroes in every tab, but couldn’t find them. If i did accidentally i wouldn’t write to you, if i was guilty for that. I am just absolutely sure it was kind of bug and i am seeking for fairness in this question.

Thank you.

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Well I’m certainly sorry for the confusion. :confused:

I know that I personally have eaten several big heroes before; one I intended to, and one I didn’t…I eat ten heroes at a time and I clicked fast without paying attention.

(I’m not saying you did this, only that it is possible.)

Support is the final word. If you ask, they may be able to furnish proof to you of these missing heroes.

Good luck!

P.S. In answer to your original question, yes, you should receive two heroes, if that’s what the Brawler pack says (I don’t have that deal to check). Just so you know, 300 gems is roughly the equivalent of one 3* hero (higher* if you are lucky), or two 1-2* hero’s (two 3* if you are damn lucky!)