Brave souls


Left to hit amother titan while levelling. Would like to rejoin but you closed. If someone sees this lets coordinate me rejoining


I didn’t mean to post a recruit on your page.


I’ve found a new home. Either temporary or if I can’t get back in Brave Souls, or will lilely be permanent.
Thanks for the offer!



We are holding your spot for you. When you run out of juice with the current alliance you are in / between titans, then leave that alliance and send us an invite. Any of the elders, or myself or QD can approve it. Once you are approved, it will automatically assign you back to us, even if you aren’t online at the time we approve it.



Thanks! I tried yesterday, but aftee no response i joined another, probabaly should have waited longer. Requeat sent


Did you send one this morning? I’ve been watching the chat this morning since I know you are a morning person… but I don’t see it. :frowning:


And I see you are out of the other group. I wonder why your request isn’t coming through. Airaka’s came thru just fine yesterday.


If we need to, we cam coordinate a specific time and I can just set the group back to open to let you in. I’m central time zone.


When i send it says rewuest already sent


I’m est available for 10 more minutes or so if not we’ll figure another time


I’ll open it right now.


You’re very welcome.


Brave Souls has 2 openings. We’re a fun group with all experience levels, from all over the world. No requirements to enter. Must hit titan once every 10 days (minimum) to stay, although everyone on the group is very active.


I’m what you want. … serialkiller from North Pole