Brand new clan looking for serious players!

Hi guys,
I’m looking for members in my brand new lightning alliance ** ☆BG Коч врЪз катЪр BG☆ ** . Let’s grow up as a family together, learn and get stronger and stronger every day in a friendly atmosphere and see if we can reach the stars and beyond.
I use mostly Line to communicate for wars so that is required as well. In Line you can have war instructions, extra learning for the game in general, or chilling with some funny discussions.
Wars are optional, but all flags must be used if opted in. But titans, well they are most of the time your general way to help out the team. Of course, the Real-life comes first, but if you have time to log into the game to raid or farm or level heroes or whatever you want, you have time to hit the titan and help your mates out in difficult situations. All I want are responsible teammates who won’t need to be nudged every day to use their flags when we need them. Simple as that, right?.

So if you are interested shoot me a PM on Line or come check out the alisance in game.

Best regards,
☆BG Коч врЪз катЪр BG☆
Line ID - dante29i

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