Brand New alliance looking for active members


RedruM Inc. is a brand new alliance and looking for other players with a similar mind set. We are wanting people who want to push for that top 100, hit Titans daily, fully participate in wars, and have an aggressive mindset on growing and expanding their team of heroes. Also looking for people to be active in chat. You can find me on Line @ Bueghs if you want to chat before joining. Currently at 1600 trophy requirement and hoping for at least 3500 team power.

Thanks for your time and hope to be seeing you


Can’t find you in line… @thebully007 find me.
We have 20 all over 2100 cups. Why don’t the 4 of you join us! The MVP


Thanks for reaching out! Will stay in touch!


Please do my friend, have a chat with your guys and if it work then we would welcome you over.


Still actively looking for players. Currently have 4 members so we are only on 2* Titans but moving through them easily. Come join us as we grow


Don’t miss out on the chance to get in on the ground level of an alliance we hope to build and take to the top. Only 4 members right now so getting to know everyone will be a quick process so you won’t feel like an outsider coming in. Currently taking down 3* Titans easy which has been a positive as we’re all able to build up our battle item inventory and not use them on Titans. If this interests you, come check us out


Update: we are up to 9 strong and knowledgeable members! Currently getting after 6* Titans. We really want to keep adding and advancing our team. If you have a smaller alliance with solid dedicated players we could be interested in a merger.


Update: We’re at 13 members and taking down 7* Titans but always looking for more members to join us! We have some very knowledgeable and experienced players who enjoy helping others grow their teams! Come check us out, you went regret it!


Update: we’re not at 19 members and still actively recruiting. We’re a strong team with our top 9 usually above 2400 cups and taking down Titans with hours to spare. Come check us out and see if you would be a good fit!


Our last war. Currently on 8* Titans