Braking the game (War)

(Mrs Ghosts War Stat Sheet)

[Last 5 Average] = Current Performance in Score
[Cap Score] = Alliance Max “Value”
[Green] Wins
[Blue] Wins while at [Alliance] Cap Score

Very sexy stuff @EP Players. Quite a bit of shifting in the who’s Who of War Strats & Performance over the past year of this game.


Wow! gotten a lot more crowded at the top there in the War Capped alliances!

Used to be, what, 3? 4?


Edit: Quick answer was brackets of “4” for quite some time with a massive gap in “Alliance Values”. You are correct sir. Emblems/time/player moves/EP successful balancing has smoothed out the gaps in the “top 50” War wise.


Just was reviewing the stats a friend/team has been updating and testing the water posting it publicly (Hoping they are asleep). Version 1 of this was a D grade Zombie product. Version 1.1 is a A +.

Over the past year 5 teams have dropped out of the top 10 in “Total Alliance Value” and 5 more replaced them. Alliances that had the ability to chain wins at war cap 1 Year ago was limited to 5 Total In the game. 3 in the top 4 and and 2 between 10-20 Rankings (Able to do it based on using math to War + strat). / Nearing OCT of last year ± 22-28 Teams had at least once achieved a win at War Cap.

At a glance this compared to last 1.5 years. I think EP has balanced out wars quite nicely. The 10 to 20 Penalitys I felt was a moot point. But glad to be in game once the teams restarted fighting at “Ceiling”.


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