Brain Power Required - can I max my new Wilbur in time?

Or better yet a wind instrument so you don’t have to hear me sing :face_with_monocle:


Short answer
Should still be worth it

Long answer
Looking at your original post, and zephyr1 reply , I think you switched units halfway through from training to recruits used in training.

what is your watchtower at?

Screenshots of your training, instead of the camps, would help.


Watchtower is at 20.

Wilbur is at 4^60 and it’s slow progress now.

I’ve burned all my training, juggled very fast to fast as I had more recruits and swords than ham.

So recruit and materials wise, it was spot on but seems like I had less ham than I advertised.

If I’d gone with saved trainer heroes last, rather than first, I’d be there :grinning:

I’ve enjoyed the ride. Hopefully he’ll be done by tonight.


I got to 4^66 today.

@zephyr1, @Garanwyn @Gryphonknight, thank you so much for sharing your skills :+1:

The Bardic Goat of Plenty is happy with you :goat:


Well I am a little late to the party.

Should be easily done with the condition that you have the rugged clothes and swords and the crap load of tc20 reserves that you have.

Just mix in swords and ruggeds when training. Can be done while using your tc20 reserves.

Can be used for future trainings.


The food supplies they held fair well
And Wilbur leveled up
But now the tourney’s under way
And Wilbur still must sup

With backpacks and some rugged clothes
A Wilbur you can raise
But listen well, if that’s your plan:
Best give yourself three days


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