Brain picking time - best defence team ... WWYD?

Hola, just taking a quick pole here … assuming all heroes were maxed… out of the below… what would your best D team be (and why?)

You’ve got multiple options and when you try several combinations, you’ll see, that there’s not that one best team.

Caed QoH Li Rigard Grimm


Caed Kiril Boldie Aeron Li


Caed QoH Kiril Rigard Li

or or or…

Debuff, heal, cleanse, buff, mana control, hit.


That’s just kind of what I’m looking for … like some ideas for best combinations I’ve taken a team with Aeron and Boldtusk out for a few spins while raiding and their ss work really well together



A lot of this depends on how far you can ascend those heroes? I will assume just 60 for the 4s and 5s.

First thing for your tank, you’re looking for something that can drastically affect the board state at average speed or better. For that mold, Boldtusk or Li Xiu are your best choices. Aeron is a very nice flank providing healing and cleansing of bad status effects,though BoldTusk is also a fine flank giving team heal and a massive +48% attack. I’d slot him as one flank (next to the tank). Defense debuffers are deadly on defense, turning slash attacks into big killers. So I’d put one of Gormek or Tibertus on the other flank. You also want fast hitters in the corners . Your fast hitters are Sonya, Caedmon, Kelilie and Chao.

I would probably start with this
Left to Right: Sonya Aeron Li Xiu Gormek Caedmon

and see how that goes. Double dispeller on opposite sides ensures lots of debuffing of attackers.

Note: when it comes to ascending 4s to tier 4/70, I’d put more thought into it. You’re going to want all at least 2 of the 3 defense debuffers (gormek tibertus Grimm) for titans and raids and at least 1 full team heal (rigard or BT) and at least 1 dispeller (caed or sonya) at 70 if you can only do one of each color.


Can’t believe so many have suggested putting a 4* tank in the middle. Tank is the most important position on defense and you want your most powerful and/or hard to kill character there.

The two realistic choices for tank are Aeron and QoH. Queen seems tankier so I think she’d get the nod. But I think there’s an argument to be made for Aeron tanking as his status protect is quite powerful and Queen on the flank is interesting. I don’t have enough experience with them to say for sure but I think Queen of hearts is the better long term choice. Paladin is one of the best classes for endgame tanks IMO.

So that gives you xxx-Aeron-QoH-yyy-zzz

I prefer fast characters on the outside (wing). Unfortunately you don’t have any 5* fast. Your best choices for outside IMO are Caedmon and Chao. Caedmons dispel is very nice to have. I think Chao’s mana disruption is slightly better than Kelile’s DoT

That leaves the other flank. Tough call there. You could take Elena but she’s quite squishy. You could take Boldtusk, Rigard or Kiril for a very defensive double healer setup. That’s probably the best move. There’s pros and cons for all of them. Kiril makes the rainbow and brings a nice buff so he might be my slight favourite of those three. But Rigard’s cleanse is very powerful and he benefits slightly from Aerons elemental link. But you’d have them somewhat close to each other on the flanks allowing your opponent to stack yellow. Boldtusk is probably the worst choice as he shares a colour with Queen so the opponent can easily counter with blue stacking.


The other choice is Li Xiu. I like her mana disruption.

Caedmon-Li Xiu-Queen-Aeron-Chao is what i would do based on my experience so far. Of course that assumes everyone is max level.

What your defense team should be while you’re leveling is a complete different question which I can also answer if you want.

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Why do you think, the tank has to be a 5*?

Our leader has 4 5* on wings and flanks and runs Kiril as tank. Eblemed 4* are a good choice.

To tank Li is sth like the little Guin and works fine. If she stands two casts, all others are charged and the enemy struggles with never having a charged one…

A tougher tank can be placed later, if one has many well leveled heroes.

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I’m always open to suggestions. Right now I’m finishing Rigard (waiting on ascension mat… ■■■■ compass) working Wu (titans!) and Boldtusk (red healer to replace my Hawkmoon).

Right now my defence is shown as my team 1… Rig, Valen, Bane, Berden, Hawkmoon…

I’m undecided wether to focus next on a maxed D team or a rainbow of maxed healers.

I learnt very quickly in this game to pick the brains of anyone willing to share… it’s helped immensely:) a big thank you to everyone taking the time to answer:)

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The tank has to be a 5* long term because a fully maxed
Queen of Hearts has 729 DEF 1545 HP and a minion that protects her and her team. Her paladin ability will increase her DEF even higher.
Kiril as an example has 673 DEF and 1034 HP

I rest my case.

Of course if we’re talking short term then of course a maxed 4* will be better than an underlvl’d Queen of Hearts. My original post was talking about theoretically which is the best team long term if you can max any of these characters. Short term thinking was not what my reply was about at all


@Jennstarr What is your objective here? Do you want to understand what will eventually be a good lineup with those heroes at endgame, or would you like advice on what heroes will be most effective for you to focus on over the next several months?

I ask, because at this stage in your playing career, you should be focused almost exclusively on 4* heroes. 5* are really sexy, but they are very slow to level up and require a ton of resources. In the time it would take you to max one of those 5*, you can max multiple 4*.

4* heroes will become stronger faster, and they should be the backbone of your roster for a long time to come. Effort spent on 4* is not wasted, because even once you are finally ready to put 5* heroes into your defense, you’ll still regularly use the 4* heroes you have for color stacking in raids, for titans and for alliance war.

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Exactly for that reasons my 5 :star: s have to wait and I’ll concentrate on 4 :star: s first and also will give my emblems to them hoping to get a strong bench and my 4 :star: s will support the 5 :star: s on eye level later on.

I did that with my 3*s, knowing it will take a while to max my 4s… I have no issue with paying a few gems to get 90% of them back and then using them on 4s while I work on 5s etc :slight_smile:

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A little bit of both tbh. I’m new to gaming in general so I like to check with more experienced players intermittently to see if I’m heading in the right direction or missing any bits of knowledge that would alter my plans for total world domination :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’m in a training alliance … but I’ve somehow become an ‘adult’ there … which is cool but we’re low on teachers atm.
Between the time I posted and this reply, our leader set up a chat with us Rookies and a few high level players from the main alliance to help us out :slight_smile:


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