Bragging rights

One of the main reasons people are playing games is to compete and eventually get recognized.
If you invest money in the game, upgrade your team, learn, invest your time - you hope to be the best one day.
Besides that you hope that you can go one day to your people and say - hey i am f… No 1 - pay your respect.
In this game it is not physically possible - because before you reach your people - you are most probably No 2100 because guys attacked you and …
Think that players’ effort should be recognized by arranging system which is better suited.
What i suggest is : 1 week , 2 week , 1 month and listing of best guys for last 12 month just to pay them respect.
How to create metrics? Simple - by arithmetic average of already existing system of trophies.
For example “Bandit six” is best in July (his trophy average is largest of all in month of July).
That is my 2 cents.

That is a great idea Rainmaker, I was thinking the same thing.
I don’t see a point for me being the first in Raids Leaderboard because in couple of minutes I lose 400 points and I am at the bottom of the list :slight_smile:
Would be nice if at the end of the month there is a list of best average players that made it to the top.
It would also be nice if you introduce some kind of rewards for those top players.

Yes Griša , I totaly agree . Part of the recognition is apropriate reward …

Just add a button to the highest trophies line on this screen that triggers a popup —

Have the popup show the cup count, ranking, and timestamp

Can even add a link underneath to the store as a kind of Xanax for the marketing team

Or … you know… give out custom Pins for reaching the top 100…

something crazy … like a little trophy with a ranking number

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