Bragging rights about my Alliance

Just want to give the members of The Marley Army their just kudos. We are a little over 5 months old, started from stagnant alliance with 6 core members. We now are at 29 members. Taking down 6 and 7* Titans, active in Alliance War. Last war we had our first reset of opposing team! We are doing awesome. Everyonecworks hard to learn and understand this game we love to play! Our chat is friendly and supportive to new players. No drama. While we are all individuals we work well together. I could not be prouder to be their leader than I am now. Great job everyone…you deserve the credit!


Congrats, keep it up

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Since we’re bragging … Rising Dawn (formerly The Ruthless Warriors), is my awesome alliance. I may have the title of leader but without a solid core of knowledgeable, supportive and active co-leaders, it would be a worthless title.

Our motto is Serious Fun! Our banner describes our support for the game and for each other. We all play the game as an individual, but it takes the whole alliance working together to achieve our goals for success.

We feel belonging to such a great alliance is a privilege not a right, and something that each of us needs to earn, every day.


Again our Alliance The Marley Army was able not only to defeat the opposing Alliance but to also reset them. Two times they have reset an Alliance in 2 weeks! What a great group of dedicated players these individuals are! They come together to work as a team and to have fun! Congratulations to them! Very proud of these team members! We are only 6 months old as an Alliance!

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