Bradwig & Crew

Hey there folks!!

We are an active english speaking alliance of 28 members seeking 2 new active members.

Our alliance is full of unique personalities, from multiple personality disorder to E&P major addicts… We welcome everyone.
We limit the drama just enough to keep it entertaining!!

We ask that you hit titans daily, participate in all wars, and we would love that you chat with us.

Our alliance is at a score of ~110,000. Fighting 8star titans. We have a few members that show up on the top 100 weekly. We win most of our wars or battle like crazy and lose with pride…

We ask that you have a min. trophy score of 1200, but you need to keep it above and commit to get better. We are here to help.

If we sound interesting to you, please search for “Bradwig” on the alliance tab (as our name changes often since were a crazy bunch)…

Looking forward to meet you!


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Update for Bradwig and crew…

We are at 26 members right now and could use some fresh faces. We have a very tight core of members, some have been here over 260 days! Check us out we’ve gotten much stronger since the last post.

Just search for the one and only Bradwig and come a knocking, we’re usually open.