Boycot of war

I would like to let everyone know we are boycotting the war until it is fixed. My entire alliance has voted to pull thier defence teams off the field until they fix the matchup problem. Once again we are almost 20k out matched. Mabye if enuf alliances choose to join us something will get done. Thanks everyone that decides to join us.


Boycott is doing nothing. They are still gathering data for best matching strategy. The best you can do is to fight as good as you can. That‘s the only way to help fix this…


Sometimes enough is enough. We lost 3 alliance members -they wuit the game altogether due to wars and lack of content- and 2 more are about to quit for the same reasons.
We do not intend to return until , besides the proper matching, an opt out alternative


What fun is it to watch the morale of your whole alliance drop and possibly lose team members because they have no chance of winning or just mercilessly pound a team they is 15 to 20 k stronger or weaker than we are. They voted not to participate and I am going to support them. I just posted here hoping it might let people and develpopers see that the problem is costing them players and money. Most of my guys are not spending money right now either


Personally I’d be more worried about members leaving because they want to be part of an alliance that participates in wars. If my alliance ever held such a vote, I would be gone. Do what you have to do I guess, but a War Boycott seems pretty silly and pointless to me as the end result is the same thing you are complaining about. A loss.


We have lost seven times in a row, fighting our hearts out, so I see the “demoralized” argument.

I also understand SG is working hard to bring us a fair and balanced matching system, and if the current system is still off, that requires a few more adjustments.

So what can we do?

  • Play on
  • Step out
  • A little of both

Each alliance has to decide for itself what they would rather be doing when War rolls around. We will be fighting tomorrow. :wink:


It is not only a matter of losing or winning. It is a matter of forcing one to do something that they do not enjoy doing, as a teamate put it “I did not sign up for this”. Th lack of an opt out alternative is disruptive. Many, many people in this game do not enjoy raiding, eithr doing it to fill chests or simply not bothering with them. So,being forced to it is upseting. And people are quiting because they want content, not a silly war with crappy rewards and a demand to keep an enormous roster. Many of our mates are f2p, and will take a very long time until their tcs ar ready and producing.


I am the leader of a great bunch of people and will support them in any way I can this was not my idea it was theirs. if they don’t want to fight then I’m not fighting. I just thought that posting thier views on here would gather like minded people in one spot for the developers to see just how unhappy alot of people are. not trying to be contentious in any way. I appreaciiatiate the hard work and compensation that the developers have already done. I do believe they are trying thier best to solve the problem.


We are in a 4 game losing streak. It gets old. BUT we love a challenge and if we can’t beat them we look to set new strategy, try to beat ‘ourselves’ from a score perspective, etc.

It’s been a great add to our alliance (Wars) - we chat more, are more engaged than ever, win or lose.


2 wars a week is too much in my opinion. Will cause people to burn out quickly, makes recruiting a pain in the behind, too. Once a week would be way better.


We don’t care if we loose anymore. That unbalanced matchmaking have a different impact on us. We loose, we win, we don’t give a sh… on this wars. But we are gonna play is not taking too much time if we make no tactics or strategies. What I want to say? We lost interest in wars, that’s the big problems for wars if they won’t get fix. People don’t care too much about them.


Yes, I saw a post in another thread where an alliance was outmatched, but a lot of their adversaries simply did not play, so they won

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But it’s not a lose by boycotting war it forces a draw that way no team gets any loot

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If only you boycott why would the other team get penalized? I am almost certain the other team gets something, even if it is ‘lose’ loot tier. I’d be mad if another team set no team and we got penalized for it.

I guess I struggle with the boycott idea. We have lost 4 in a row, 3 by 600+. If we didn’t play those wars for whatever reason we a) get no loot, at all, and in one of those 4 losses I got a hidden blade b) disappoint another alliance who may enjoy the wars, which may impact their morale and c) provide zero data to a dev team who is acknowledging that they have work to do, collecting data and trying to fix it.

If I am an alliance leader (and I am) I am pushing those reasons as to why we SHOULD play the wars even if they are frustrating. I also am pushing that is an opportunity to play without constraint - we know we are going to lose so try something new, maybe we find the weakness of the opposing team and can exploit it on our next tough draw. Maybe we have a moral victory where one of our players accomplishes something crazy that we can celebrate (like a 3k team taking out a 3800 team that was full, it happened and was awesome).


Becouse it’s the same as if you was in war but did not attack anyone then you get no loot ,so if a alliance pulls there team out no one fights so no loot.
We have lost every war since new match up as other alliances have had 60-80% of there players over 3400 so we have not stood a chance and just been slaughter by 2000 points most of the time .so we have had enough of this, and no one in are alliance has ever got anything decent from losing,so we boycotted last one and will be boycotting this one aswell why should other alliances get a easy win just becouce Devs can’t sort it out and that’s all you ever here is there collecting data well how much data do they need just look at forums and the amount of alliances posting about unfair the mach ups are,so just maybe if it starts effecting all alliances in war not just the weaker ones the Devs mite just get of there butts and sort it out

This isn’t the first game with devs that are full of hubris and believe “alliance/guild war will fix everything” in the pay2win racket.

And they don’t be the last to see alliance/guild war be a miserable failure.

It starts at twice a week. They’ll cut it to once a week in a month or two. Then it won’t be long before it’s every other week with posts coming in every day that the community wants it once a month because people are still congo-lining for the door.

The Devs will continue to push content back while they waste time on something that never should have been done.



I’m almost certain when you pull out of the other team gets loot. It may be the losing tier loot. You better be sure that you aren’t just giving away loot for nothing before assuming that they don’t get loot because that is what would be fair.

Edit: they DO get loot, likely losing loot, which can include things like hidden blades as I have gotten hidden blades, as have another member, as a ‘loser’:

im opting out also , lost members because of it who would rather do their own thing
the arrows are killing the game
… now setting blanks

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Giving your teammate a reason to celebrate is a great way to keep alliances together. If you can overcome the need to win some of your upper echelon players may have.

Taking out tanks and weakening strong teams enough for lower powered members to score a battle victory is as powerful as a war victory.

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You do get the losing loot tier if the other alliance doesn’t participate in the war. This happened to me last weekend. Ham, iron and one loot roll.