Bow and arrow problem (Ranger Emblems from Alchemy Lab)

I used Alkashards to gain 30 Bow and Arrow Talents. They were not added to my Bow and Arrow totals. Same thing happened when I won one Bow and Arrow Talent in a summons. I haven’t traced other Talents to see if this is a general problem or only with Bows and Arrows.

Have you checked your activity log to see if they show up?


Combining shards to get emblems does not appear in the activity log. Tried it earlier approx 3 hours ago just to show my point here only to discover it wouldn’t show.

If @Meditationguru truly believes that the combining shards to get emblems never did materialize to his inventory, the only recourse is for him to file a support ticket. Screenshots of such occurrence proving his claim would be essential to establish such matter.

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Interesting. Good research

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