Bounty Hunt

So I’m not a fan of the Raid Tornament. Great idea, but it needs work, a lot of work and SG is just turing a blind eye to it in my opinion. How about adding something new like a bounty hunt. It could take place during the Raid Tornament and the object would be to defeat certain heros. It could be hero and number specific like defeat 10 Grave Makers, or multiple heros. Defeat Bane, Elena, Sonya like a list. I personally believe something like this would be exciting as player will have to literally hunt for said hero.

Just sucks that we cant hunt for heroes in tourneys due to no reroll so completely dependent on RnG to even complete the list. Better off trying to implement this as some kind of “bounty chest” that could take place at anytime similar to the elemental chests

Tier the hero lists with the raid arenas so that players in diamond wont have to drop to find bane or aife

I dont really back the idea. Just saying if i was to suggest, the way above is how i would go about it

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So your suggesting continous rerolls until you find one of the required hunted heroes within an already set raid defense team.
Raids in tournaments that only allow the hunted heros in their defense teams.

Rigs option would work best I think in creating hero specfic chests during the tournament but they would have to be realistic numbers as their are only 25 battles and on average most use rainbow teams. So basically all your gaining is extra rewards for filled chests within the tournament if your lucky enough to cone across those heroes.

Disagree with tournament rerolls though, sorry Rigs, lol.

Bounty Hunt title in it’s self sounds great but still needs working on. I would suggest probably making it as you stated for hunting spacific heroes but as an added edition to the daily current chests (extra chest to fill each day type of chest) we have which could be filled doing all raids, wars, events etc etc maybe with a time limit added to it. :yum:


I wasnt saying allow tourney rerolls

I was saying let regular raid kills count towards the list instead of solely dependent upon tourney kills since tourney kills are out of our hands completely and i would guess a high % of players wouldnt complete the list due to poor matchmaking and it wouldn’t be fair. And i can already see the mixups happening where no one completes the list due to absent elements that the randomly generated list doesn’t take into account.

Tourneys suck and i think this idea would just add fuel to the fire


Isnt that what the avatar quests are? But for questing. So, just play the broken tourney and hope for decent loot pretending to fight whoever if you like.

The avatars are part of the mission quest. Which in my opinion are boring mundane task. Nothing but replaying same levels over and over until you hit the target goal. This would be something to do outside of that.

I like the idea of a hero specific chest. It would definitely be something everyone could participate in and add more challenges/fun to the game. I think the idea has potential.

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