BOUDICCA'S REVENGE - 13*/14* Titans - 3 spots!

Boudicca’s Revenge has 6 openings. Hit the titan and FFA war at rhe 12 hr mark. Come check out our crazy band of warriors and join our nut house. 

Tired of alliance’s that demand when you use your flags?

Tells you how much money to spend?

That’s not us we are competitive/casual alliance.
We have a good war strategy that works for everyone FFA last 12 hours.

Join us and put the fun back in your game!

4 spots. Come join us!
Fun and competitive.

Simple war strat, free for all after 12hs.
All flags used in war.

Active leadership and cozy environment.

Send a msg for more info.

Line Id tigre_14

We are full for now!
Great group together.

Stay tuned for updates.

And contact te us in Line if interested.

Line Id tigre_14


Only one spot available after war.

14* titans
Free War after 12 hs mark
Super friendly team

Come join us!

Line Id tigre_14
Line Id Sirchasealot

Come on over after war. We will open 1 spot.

Line mandatory
Free War after 12hs
14* titans

Super nice team, having fun together.

Line Id tigre_14


2 spots available.
Join now!!

Last open spot!

Join us now!

Competitive but fun environment, plenty of info and help around.


1 spot!

14* Titans
Free War after 12 hrs
Active but low stress and fun environment.

Line groups with a lot of info.

Come join us!

Line Id tigre_14

So we have 2 spots available!
Bring in your friend.

Super organized team with awesome environment to have some fun and be competitive at once.

We are waiting for you.

Line Id tigre_14

Only 1 spot now.

Wait no more!!


I’m at level 42 after only a few months and outgrown my alliance. I’m consistently between 2100 and 2300 cups and starting to break into the diamond arena occasionally. I participate 100% in war and titans.


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Do you have Line App? @thepurplegar
If you do can you add me?
We could talk about it.

My line Id is tigre_14


About to Begin POV and a new war chest Just started.

Super active, competitive and chill team to have fun with.

Come on over.

Hello everyone!!

We are now implementing 70k average minimum for titan in a week. Great team work in all parts of the game.
War strat pretty simple, target list first 12 hours and free war on the second half.
We vote on our tanks colors every 10 wars.

Chatty, helpful and fun environment.

2 spots now. Bring your friend!

Line Id tigre_14
Mamba Hex

Come join us for Mythic Titan!!!