Boton arriba y abajo rapido

I would like to propose
Although I know that maybe it has nothing to do with the game, especially for those of us who read the 99% forum on Mobile and for when we read a topic very on fire or a topic that has been exposed for a long time with thousands of opinions …
A button to go to the beginning of the topic and another to go to the end to give an answer … since when you enter the topic sometimes you stay at the end and you have to go to the top to start reading and you have to spend thousands of pages
Then when you are up … to put an answer you have to go down completely and turn all the pages again …
I think it would be something very practical …
Maybe if a button is easier in case when you are in the middle of reading you want to go directly to the answer. Thank you, greetings, happy new year and good health !!!

Vote Up !!!

Well, if you click on the title, it brings you to the top. I just move mine up or down a bit and the title appears.

Also, if you hit the button that says what post you are on (lower right), a scroll bar appears which lets you easily go to the top or bottom.

There is also a summary button on the top. That is not used as much as I think it should be, but it filters out some posts if a thread is too long.

Lastly, the o my category that has an “answer” is the #bugs-issues category. And if something is identified as an answer, it does appear at the beginning with a post to get to it.

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