Both teams die in a raid - should be a draw?!

It’s not a bug but it needs fixing.

It happened recently with activated Cyprian as a tank. The last hit killed both Cyprian and the opponent’s last hero. In all aspects this is a DRAW!

Then why it would be announced as DEFEAT?

Please fix this!

A solution could be - reviving the last heroes. But you know better.

Here is a similar topic with the opposite effect but still not good:

As you are raiding somebody else his castle and you did not win, you do not have any hero’s left to take the goods you won.
So defender always wins when both teams die in the final round.

I know it feels frustrating but I do not see this as a bug at all.


Neither do I see this as a bug, it looks like a draw but it’s not.
Let’s look at it somehow in a different way, you are prosecuting a case with so sure evidence that the defender is guilty, but the case got dismissed. The defender walks and you walk, in actual sense you lost the case.


in both cases (criminal courtroom and raiding a castle), the attacker has to prove or do something. the defender just has to NOT allow that. Let me ask you this - if you hired a security team to defend you and a group of mercs attack your house to take your stuff, and they mutually kill each other, the attackers didn’t get your stuff, so they lost.


Thank you for your realistic examples.

So that explains when after a prolonged fight in a raid your strength increases twice - just like in real life.

I also posted a link where a user reports winning after all get killed, how do you explain that?

In both cases, I think the system works correctly by capturing who died first, the shot from the last stand enemy kill your Cyprian first , but the enemy died of the reposte afterwards,in that fraction of sec difference the system captured your team as defeated.

The post you cited is also the same, picture your team as being the defense.

You asserted that:

People responded by pointing out that there is a different way to view this situation, and there are some reasonable examples backing that perspective. No need to get snippy just because people see things differently and offer actual examples as to why.

Bug that got fixed between December and now? It’s entirely possible the fix that they put in for Mitsuko’s reflect also corrected an order of calculations issue with Perfect Riposte.

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Didn’t you know that your heroes get revived after each raid?
How it’s possible to attack another player with the same heroes that just died?

Come on!

I’m just posting about something that will happen to other players and I don’t think it’s fair just be announced as defeated in such situation.

I am even proposing a solution for consideration:

As the game deals with magic why not the last two heroes that just died got revived for a second chance. Same turns, just health maxed and mana removed. This will not improve your chances of winning necessarily.

It’s very reasonable to want the game to do things differently than it currently does. As you acknowledged in your initial post, though, the current behavior isn’t a bug, but rather a design decision.

The #ideas-feature-requests section of the forum is a great place to request changes to intentional design decisions like this one. You may want to post a your idea for changing the mutual-kill mechanic over there so that people can talk about it and vote on it. The devs really do read that section, and have implemented quite a number of proposals from there.

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Hello all, I have a question, how is it that I lose a battle in the war against my opponent when I have all my heroes and there is only 1 left to kill with 1 hit on the opponent and the counter finishes and I lose ??. Shouldn’t I have won ?? , I don’t understand, I had all my fighters . Can someone please explain, I was totally shocked and upset ,that was not fair

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Time up while the last enemy fighter ghost ready to revive? That’s crazy unlucky, but a loss. All enemies have to be dead in time to win.

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Hi, I get the part about the revive , but he had not revive availability, and by the time the tiles went up , the timer went off and I lost, still with all my fighters intact, I thought, whoever has the most remaining heroes wins , in which case would have me , ssooo upset , made me lose my composure with that one , I understand and can go with a fair loss but that , in my opinion was truly unfair, thank you so much for your advice , it helped much

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Time up immediately ends the battle, even if the last enemy with 1hp would have been killed by a single tile a blink of an eye later. Relentlessly hurting but true.

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@Olmor, Hi, yes , seems true for me today, just not fair , but I can say that from today to 100 days from now and it will not change the current outcome, so I guess I’ll play my tiny violin and whine for awhile :sob:, then go in on another and make sure I do my best to kill kill kill, thank you so much for your advice and knowledge, I do appreciate it , :slightly_smiling_face:


Bring out the big violin if you want to survive this game :grin:


@princess1, yep, I may have too , but 1st I gotta learn how to play :rofl: :rofl:

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