Both Miss and Dodge happen together at the same time with Inari’s Buff plus Joon’s Blindness — is this intentional?

I’m saying that the vids i have are showing

Dodge+miss simultaneous on same targets even from special skills like kadilen and quintus that don’t have secondary ailments of any kind

My inari is unemblemed btw so no rogue talent to worry bout. Kept it simple


Can you post one? This is different from what I have seen when a miss happens.


I’ll send in Line. I’ve never messed with YouTube and dont feel like goin down that rabbithole at the moment


Thanks…line works :wink:


I’ll keep an eye out.

Well it happened with Arthur in this example, so yes.


My gut feeling is, visual bug.

Most likely the goto statement points to the wrong line when resolving the two effects.

Mostly related to the spaghetti code that blind now resembles

It did not use to be coded this way which is why the code is most likely … not orderly.

Add in Blind is Bane’s signature ability, for a very very rushed game

I am surprised blind is not more buggy


That’s what I’ve been thinking, particularly as it seems like it’s probably working as intended one way or another, and just a question of whether both MISS and DODGE are meant to show at the same time.


When they added Onatel they added more code, it now checks for enemy blindness and ally blindness.

Players are not the only ones who wish Wu Kong functions more like Tarlak. Oh. wait. originally Wu Kong did.

P.S. And Ranvir’s target HP dependent ally blindness is not helping the poor coder in the trenches trying to ship a functioning client.


well the video Rigs sent is clear, two different heroes were missed and dodged. This isn’t the way I remember it from several month ago when I brought Inari up to 3/70 and left her there after testing her in multiple situations…


So final verdict, Inari dodge is not being procced by the status effect, but rather Inari rolls on any effect targeting her regardless of hit or miss. The only question is whether or not it is intentional, which I suspect it is, in order to not significantly reduce her utility when teamed with blind heroes or rogues

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I agree.

Especially since Inari is yellow and yellow practically screams accuracy debuff color.

Originally, special skills did not miss, even if caster had an accuracy debuff.

Then the special skill could miss all targets, or hit all targets, and a miss used 50% mana bar instead of 100%. But debuffs were still applied.

Now that special skill accuracy is rolled for each target, debuffs are not applied to misses.

So the Devs realize heroes like Isarnia, and Azlar, are primarily useful for their debuffs.

So Inari is primarily useful for avoiding debuffs and summoning minions ( how does Inari work with Puss in Boots?).

This also makes it more useful than Evade talent. Continuing the design that talents are nice, but special skills are more important.

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She Summons a Fox Minion, but no one else does.


If I had it my way, Puss would summon for all IF the Inari ability were active on all, as their dodge would summon for them, making them a summoner while active imo


I meant was that it only hit with no other buff :stuck_out_tongue:, as no other buff other than the damage it self

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@Rigs saw an example of that in his own testing:


I screenshotted an example of a simultaneous Dodge and Miss from Kadilen yesterday, just remembering to post it now:


As far as I remember, it has always been this way, whether intentional or not. In fact, this is what actually makes Drake/Joon - Inari combo really good for PvP attacking. If not for this synergy, I would likely not have maxed my Inari at all, so it seems a little weird to me that most are noticing it just now.

It’s not the fact that either is possible that we’re noticing, it’s the fact that both DODGE and MISS notices can happen at the same time — which has absolutely no difference in outcome than DODGE showing alone.

The question is just whether the UI is intentional.

You still get a minion from dodging a missed hit.

I think you’re missing what we’re discussing.

The question isn’t about the outcome or Minion at all — just about the visual display of the notices.

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