Both Miss and Dodge happen together at the same time with Inari’s Buff plus Joon’s Blindness — is this intentional?

I’ve noticed this happen a bunch of times, but I finally remembered to record a Raid so I could screenshot it.

  1. Inari’s buff is active
  2. Joon Blinds an enemy
  3. The blind enemy targets a non-Rogue ally
  4. The hit is BOTH Missed and Dodged (according to the popup text), and a Fox Minion is produced

It only seems odd to me because I would think that either the Blindness or Dodge should proc first, instead of both.

In practice, if the Dodge procced first, the outcome would be the same, except the Miss presumably wouldn’t show. So I don’t know that it actually matters other than display, it just seemed a bit odd to me.

Screenshot examples:

Joon Blinds Arthur, while Inari’s buff is already active, and without an existing Fox Minion:

Arthur fires after I set him off intentionally:

MISS shows first:

DODGE stacks on top of it, and Joon’s card animates the rotating flip:

Both notices fade out, and a new Fox Minion is visible behind from the DODGE:

After the notices are gone:


Could the miss be for one part of the special and the dodge for the other part? Did both the damage and debuff miss?


Solution by @General_Confusion

I asked that to myself a couple of times when it happened to me, too. Since it was an advantage for me, I didn’t keep it on my mind.

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That would make sense if the target were a Rogue, but Joon isn’t.

Inari’s buff Dodges Special Skills completely, not just the damage like Rogues do. So both the hit and status ailments will be Dodged together.

I guess you’re thinking that Blindness is causing a Miss of just part of the Special Skill, and then the rest is Dodged?

That seems to be the only way that would make sense.


Does MISS always come first?

And does it happen with a single hit enemies? Like lianna for example
And i will just assume that this will happen as well with Margert

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It would take some correlation coding between the dodge & blind rolls for 1 to recognize the other i believe

For what it’s worth, i think the blind roll would happen first but that doesn’t mean the dodge roll will recognize the miss roll

Reason i say blind would roll before dodge, is because unlike dodge or rogue talent, the miss % is triggered upon attacker firing and not when the special hits the opponent which is where the roll for dodge should happen

I believe general confusion theory could work into that as well

I’ve been using joon & inari all day coincidentally

Didnt notice what you noticed though. Think the weirdest thing i saw(which worked as intended) was nearby targets dodging effects of alasie, sesh, & kingston which isn’t a bug but still weird to see if you haven’t seen it yet

Exactly…miss first then dodge.


Just recorded a non costumed quintus special firing

His skill is only 1 part and all damage

Still saw simultaneous miss+dodge on mutliple heroes


I’ve never seen that happen, and use Drake and Joon together in a lot of raid teams. If the blind causes a miss, the secondary effects from the ability also miss necessarily. That said, for the viability of Inari, it is necessary that she either roll first or roll regardless of misses or class skill dodges. If she didn’t that would be a big disadvantage for her, particularly as a yellow


This has been recorded many time…each part of the special mas a chance to miss or not. It shouldn’t even be a debate at this point in time.


Hmm idk

I have seen dispels hit with damage but miss the dispel

But all that means is the roll could have been per target and not per skill


I’ll do some more vids(99.9% positive you are correct, but has been awhile since I’ve seen it happen since yellows have been phased out more and more)

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I’m far from infallible (just ask my wife), but am going to humbly request a link. It is entirely possible that it has simply never happened in all of my time using Drake and Joon


Here is the latest I’ve seen, but it has been documented a few times.


Just uploaded a drake + inari vid to our pvp room btw

From what i can tell, every special either hit with full special on a target or missed completely

Opposing team setup:
Kadilen rana richard sartana marjana

I didnt see any instance where damage hit but DoT or other effects didn’t or vice versa

Also had simultaneous dodge+misses as well, even for kadilen special i believe(will watch again to double check)


I see what you’re getting at there, but a dispel is known to be separate from the hit and function differently than status effects (why Mitsy used to get dispelled by Frida and Sonia despite the reflect) and rolls independently for each opponent.
It DOES stand to reason that if dispel rolls separately that status effects do as well, but I have personally never seen it happen in a LOT of blind usage. I do understand that it is impossible to prove a negative, and that my experience is still a relatively small sample size.

Edit: Mitsy. Thank you Rigs.


Misandra dispelled? U talkin mitsuko?

Np lol

OK, I think we are arguing different things…since what I was saying is damage is separate from the special. I guess I didn’t read your post well enough - and my mind was on the original response…which is that the damage missed, and the special was dodged.

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Yeah, I think that they just have Inari programmed to roll regardless of whether or not a hit was determined. My guess would be that it is too much of a hassle to recode the game to restructure order of operations (or that monkeying with order of operations could potentially create some weird cascading of problems for other interactions, as with Mitsy not reflecting the dispels), but Inari proccing her dodge is so crucial to her useability (as her benefit is not just damage mitigation but also an hp gain and mana gain) that they didn’t want her to miss out on opportunities to proc when a rogue talent, wu, or blind creates a miss and would otherwise make her miss out on an opportunity.


I doubt that very much…there are very easy way to code that kind of thing that are easily extendable. I think when the special goes off it checks for misses (blind and wu/ravnir type effects) and then if those get through it checks on other cases…in this case (just like wu) when a special goes off it checks for damage and effects separately.


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